Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Day with Typhoon Phoebe

I take comfort in knowing that this WILD child is single and not a twin. I love this toddler, but she is a hand full and when typhoon Phoebe comes round all around better take caution.

Below is a synopsis of last Friday. Note: not all days are like this, but lately, we are going through a phase where a great many are.

Phoebe started the day by yelling to come get her at 5am. Later that morning she was playing with my pads (a favorite toy of hers) but this time she took the plastic and paper off of many of them and stuck them to the floor; I guess she thought they were stickers. A short while later she found a red pen and wrote on the hall wall, I have yet to scrub that off.   
Phoebs playing with her dress ups.  It was hard to get these pics because she hates putting on the tops. She just puts on the skirt and then pulls it up to her chest. To her that is a pretty dress. 

When my visiting teacher came Phoebe and her little boy went upstairs and played in the toilet (gross). After they left we then proceeded to take a bath where she thought it was fun to make the bathroom floor into a pool by throwing all her 6+ (don't ask me why she needs so many) washcloths out of the tub. After I cleaned up the water and took away the washcloths I left to get the twins a bottle and Phoebe decided to take a roll of toilet paper and put it in the tub. She not only unrolled it, she shredded it so I could not so easily get it out.  I had to brainstorm a way to let the water down but not the all the little pieces of toilet paper, I decided to put the strainer over the drain and then drain the water...a mess! 
Her favorite lunch: Noodles and Parmesan cheese

I then proceeded to put Phoebe down for her nap at 1:30, however she chose not to nap so from 1:30-4:00pm  she yelled to me under the door so I knew she wasn't asleep.   At 4pm I sadly gave up and let her out of her room and then went down stairs to clean up the kitchen and prepare dinner for our neighbors coming to dinner a little later. 
Yes, this is what you probably will find if you surprised me with a visit in the afternoon

As I was washing the dishes I saw Phoebe slip out of the corner of my eye.  I couldn't figure out why she fell and she was barely whimpering so I continued doing the dishes.  I then continued to hear her slip behind me 2 more times.  I turned around to see what was going on and I saw water all over the floor.  I couldn't figure how she got water all over the floor until she lifted her dress to show me she had no diaper on.  UGHH not water...pee all over the kitchen floor and now she is soaked in it from slipping in to soo many times.  I then took her up to bathe and change, when I realized she did have a diaper on at some point...great we have a mystery diaper floating somewhere around the house.  Something I need to locate before our guests come over and discover for us.  I eventually found it on a chair before they came.  When our guests came little to say I was running way behind, since disinfecting the kitchen and bathing our child. We just put Phoebes in PJs since it was close to bed, but lately she thinks we live in a nudest colony so she then proceeded just to strip in the middle of he living room when our neighbors were there.  At least they could see we did try to dress her.  

Oh child it's days like this that makes me loose my mind!

Sew Determined: February Edition

Last month I admit I didn't feel much like sewing so I put off doing any project until the las minute. This ment that I didn't have much time to do a project and I am a pretty slow sewer so it had to be something really simple, enter in the Dishtowel Dress.

It took me about 30 minutes to go from towels to dress. It would take a more proficient sewer only about 10-15 minutes, hintz the name 10 minute Dish Towel Dress. This dress can also be made adorably with bandannas.
Here is the dress modeled on my wee Phoebs.  I know it is a bit too long, but she'll grow into it. 

I don't know how people always show pictures of their toddlers/children posed so cutely. This was the best picture I could get in 2 days of her wearing the dress. My other picture options are also shown: crying Phoebe or tantrum ball Phoebe.
March's sewing adventure will be the girls Easter dresses: The Sweet Dress.  Here is a sample picture of the pattern I am using; I am hoping my two little purple dresses come out as well as this picture.