Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We're Building Right Along Now!

In case you were unaware we are building a home and we started the process in April, but the real physical building of it did start until late November, so here is the process of it as is has come together so far.  Note: I labeled things as weeks, but really they are more phases and not literal weeks most of this has gone slower then just one week phases.
WEEK #1: The Hole
After many weeks of waiting we finally got our hole dug right after Thanksgiving.
WEEK #2: The Foundation
The whole was dug on a Tuesday and by Friday we had a foundation. Things are really going fast now!
WEEK #3: Waterproofing & Window Wells
It seemed like we were stuck at the basic foundation stage for a bit, but small things like window wells & rough plumbing. 
WEEK#4Back-filling, Pouring Garage & Basement Slabs.
The first week in January we got slabs poured and the back filling down, I was glad to see the mounds of dirt around our house finally go!
WEEK #5: Framing
We were delayed a bit due to a blizzard blowing through town they managed still to make up time by completing this step in only 1 week! It seemed like here it really went from a nothing foundation to a house!  but. This was also the first time we let the kids out of the car to look at the new "home". One other thing we were happy about was to finally see there were only 4 stairs into the house from the garage. I know it may seem like a funny thing we think about, but we really want as few steps as possible because we plan this to be our grow old house.
This is an art niche we didn't know was included, but it is probably one of my favorite things about the new house.
We had all the kiddos stand in their new rooms for pics, technically Sophie wandered into the bathroom when the pic was taken, but close enough. The kids were REALLY excited to finally see and understand the new house and their rooms. The just ran the whole upstairs, don't worry it was all cleaned no nails around.
WEEK # 6: The Roof, Outside Doors, Vents & Furnace.
The next week they got the shingles on the roof and pit our furnace in, I was surprised they did that step so early in the construction phase. It was nice to see where all our vents are going to be so we can start really thinking about furniture arrangement. They also poured our front porch, but I didn't get a chance to peek at it under the trap. I am not 100% sure if these are our final doors or not, I guess it just depends if they get beat-up on along the way. Also, on this step the builders got confused I guess, we had 2 rooms in the basement that were unfinished due to cost, and they mistakenly began finishing one of the rooms. They did the framing and the electrical work in the larger of the 2 unfinished rooms plus put in light upgrades (we aren't sure if they will keep the light part in, but I hope so) WOOHOO for that mistake it will save us a lot of money in the future!
WEEK #7: Windows, Electrical, & 1st City Inspection.
I saw the house the day before the windows were in so Cory had to go back the next day and take pics for me because from here on out I won't be in Utah to see the house in person.
This week was inspections and hopefully all goes well and the builders get'er done quickly!

I Caught a Fish this BIG!

The first Saturday living in grandma/pa Fergy's home, grandma Fergy had the great idea to take all the kiddos to the new Scheels while the adults outnumbered the kiddos, making it easier to manage them all. This store in new and we had heard many amazing reviews about it and it didn't disappoint  As you walk in they have these amazing tanks,which people periodically scuba dive in. The kiddos loved these and ran around them many times.
Throughout the store they have various display/photo booths for picture taking.
They also had a digital fish photo booth, look at the beauty fish we all got!
The kids were thrilled to see "Mordue" (from Brave) there and all wanted a pic.
This 4x4 Jeep got all the kiddos fighting for a turn to drive!
Phoebe's driving face is just hysterical, I can only hop that this is what she looks like in 10 yrs when she begins to drive.
Sophie was immune to the skunk stench...it just blended in to hers and wasn't that noticeable.
One of the last things we did was take the 3 older kids on the Ferris Wheel which everyone, except for uncle Davey who has a little height phobia, was in LOVE with!!!
This is a HUGE store and we will definitely be taking many more free family fun trips to in the future!