Friday, May 28, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last Night was our semi-annual Fergy Girls Night Out.  We started by having dinner at the Nauvoo Cafe in the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  They have pretty good sandwiches there, some of the family argued that they were the best ever, but I wouldn't go that far. 
(This picture is blurry because of operator...Ashley)

Afterwards we strolled around Trolley Square, mainly Williams & Sonoma, an incredibly overpriced cooking store.  Almost nothing there was under $20, including measuring spoons.  After admiring many items or laughing at the price or necessity of other kitchen items we left and headed up to Spoon Me in Bountiful.  This is a frozen yogurt shop that once again has arguably the best frozen yogurt, but I once again thought they were just alright.  
(These pictures make me laugh; I really stick out as an obvious non Ferguson, can you find the find the other in-law.)

After freezing for awhile in the yogurt shop we were all then eager to get outside to the cars & warm up while driving home. 

Phoebe's New Tricks

Our crazy and VERY high energy daughter Phoebe has learn a new trick.  She loves to put her head on the ground and then stand.  She yells, "Look Mommy, I upside down."  She is such a little gymnast.  Cory's family is convinced that she is going to be a world class gymnast, because she LOVES being thrown around in our arms, jumping, making little balance beams out of scrap wood and hanging upside down. Also, I can also assume, since she refuses to grow out of 12 month clothing at 2 1/2 yrs old, that she will have the perfect small gymnast body.
On other crazy Phoebe antics she is now in love with octopuses.  I am not sure where it came from since she refuses to look at the octopus at the aquarium.  When we went to Barns 7 Noble last week she found a stuffed octopus and came to show me.  I was really surprised when she said, "Phoebe's Octopus"  Later that night when we got home we asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said Octopus.  That is not an item we EVER have on hand so Cory came up with the idea of boiling a hot dog like an octopus instead, she LOVED it and ate 2 of them.  She now asks for octopus everyday. Unfortunately, we ran out of hot dogs so now we make string cheese octopuses which still gobbles up without any hesitation.
On a side note on Monday it was snowing again!  Come on it's the end of May.  I am confused, I thought May was in like a Lion and out like a Lamb???  I could use some of that global warming right about now!!  

7 Months Old

Last Saturday (May 22nd) the twins turned 7 months old!
This last month the twins have learned to sit! Both of them are still very wobbly, but they can hold their on for brief periods of time. They now both are able to roll everywhere (though it takes so much energy for Josh that he usually falls asleep on the floor after going from his back to tummy. Phoebe now even recognizes them as playmates and everyday loves to go up to brother or sister and make them laugh, which if you know the twins, isn't hard.  
We imagine Josh to be saying in this picture, "That's my "little" sister."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our New and Improved Backyard

On Mothers Day weekend we undertook the endeavor to remodel our back yard to be more kid friendly.  For me this had to include grass.  Last year we got a sprinkler matte for Phoebs to play on and she kept falling but we only had concrete paver to break her fall. So this year it will not scare me every time she slips because she will have soft grass to fall on.  And as for the twins they can roll around outside much more safely now.  We don't have a huge yard, but we are fine with it and the kids have never complained.  We also planted several flats of flowers to beautify things as well as replaced our broken tree with a serpentine weeping willow, and had enough left over to full a cute flower pot!  I really loved how it all turned out and am excited for nice weather to go out and enjoy it all.

Afron's 6 Month Party

On May 15th our niece, Afton, turned 6 months old so her parents threw her a little party, really it was an excuse to have everyone over to see how their fancy new awning and porch railing turned out (which was lovely).  For our celebration treat we enjoyed rootbeer floats, a treat I believe Phoebe has never partaken of before.  Pictured as well,  are some of Phoebe's other cousins (Lily & Zack) also enjoying their floats.

Sew Determined: April & May Editions

For April, I took a beginners sewing class at Joanns, since I have taught myself everything & I know I am missing a lot.  This class, except for a few terms, turned out to be a complete waste of time & money. 

For May, I descided I would make pit holders and aprons for Mothers day gifts.  I loved the aprons so much that I also made myself one. I have discovered a sewing website called sew4home, it has tons of cute patterns and all of them are free; this is where the patterns for the aprons and pot holders came from.  I was impressed on my potholders how straight my stitching turned out.  YEAH for me!

Here are all three aprons I made.  The green and cream one went to my mom, the flowered one when to my mother-in-law and the pink one was obviously for me.
I was especially proud of how these aprons turned out because I had to figure out everything without asking either mother.  I learned how to make a button whole and how to miter the corners with biases tape. The projects turned out to bt fairy simple just time consuming.