Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rockin' around the Church House

One of our favorite activities every year is our church's ward Christmas party. This year didn't disappoint.  The food was exceptionally excellent this year!  The program was short and funny, here is a picture of 4 of the bishopric members, if you are confused....the arms pictured do not belong to the heads of Buddy and Peppermint Patrick in the pictures.  
Even though the food was great and the program was hilarious the true highlight was getting to see Santa. Phoebe was really excited for Santa this year we have been asking her what she wanted from Santa this year and every time she has answered "A Present" if you try naming some kinds of presents she gets upset and yells, "No, a present!"  So Santa gets to picks what kind of present I guess, she just wants to be surprised.  When Phoebe finally did sit on Santa's lap, however, she instead of asking for a present, asked Santa for a treat.  Being the magical person Santa is he did not disappoint, he gave Phoebe a candy cane right then; so as far as Phoebe is concerned, Santa is magical and she got what she asked for.
The twins are very much like Phoebe and have no qualms about sitting on strangers laps so when they sat on Santa's Cami was more interested in his long beard than the fact that he was a funny dressed stranger.