Monday, August 17, 2009

Our First Friend

This is Katie, Phoebe's first real friend. They were born 4 days apart and now live about 4 houses apart. Katie is advanced in learning for her age and luckily Phoebe learns from Katie (Monkey See Monkey Do). For Example: We worked with Phoebe constantly to teach her body parts, then one night we saw a blog video of Katie finding all her body parts and after only 2-3 views of it Phoebe now knows most of her body parts, even ones we never even taught her. To go along with that, Phoebe is now learning to count and I can only imagine it is because Katie was over last week counting up a storm. Finally the most valuable thing our dear sweet Katie teaches Phoebe to do is to eat. Whenever the two are together Phoebe turns into a hungry hungry hippo. Phoebe once saw Katie eat a PB&J sandwich, so she then ate one; I can't tell you how many times before this I tried and tired to get her to eat a PB&J sandwich with no luck. Katie is the perfect teacher & friend!

Here they are sitting together on the couch watching Horton Hears a Who. They are sitting so close together because Katie patted the couch and told Phoebe to come sit by her and so Phoebe practically sat on top of her.

The Rarest Treat of Them All...Desert

Anyone who knows anything about our wee one knows she is TINY. She will be 2yrs old in less than 2 months from now and still only weighs 17lbs. For some reason Phoebe finds food to be totally deplorable, however, about once a week she actually gets hungry enough to eat more than a few pretzels. To reward such an occasion, Phoebe gets a treat for desert. You can see by the look on her face about how rarely she sees desert time.