Thursday, January 6, 2011

Table for 27 Please...

A couple days after Christmas Grandma&pa Fergy took the whole Fergy gang out to eat at Buca di Beppo's a yummy Italian restaurant where all the meals are served family style. We took a whole room to ourselves which turned out to be great because the kids, especially mine, were non stop traveling from seat to seat.  
Although the service we received this night was pretty crappy, we still had a ton of fun enjoying one another's company and all the delicious food.  THANKS MOM & DAD!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holly Jolly Fergy Christmas

As Christmas started approaching this year Cory and I lamented that we just didn't feel like it was Christmas so to help put me in the holiday spirit Cory drew a couple of Christmas pictures for me on our shower wall until on Christmas day the whole wall was was filled.
I got up early on Christmas morning, like I do every year to get the breakfast started and mood set & I glanced over at everything Santa left & had to take a picture before the presents all got ransacked of all of our beautiful Christmas bounty.  But this year before we let everyone loose on their gifts we gathered together to read the Christmas story from Luke 2 hoping that it would help us to remember and keep focused on what the day really was about, "Happy Birthday Jesus" as Phoebe says.
It was fun to have the kids finally see all the special things Santa left.  Phoebe got her "present" from Santa, Barbie clothes.  Josh & Cami got a race track and a car each to race on it.  And Santa left them all a book in their stockings.  You can see Phoebe was thrilled for her dolly clothes while Cami wanted to read everyones books and Josh was happy for his joint car set.
As we opened the rest of our presents it was funny to see all of our children's distinct personalities be shown.  For example, Phoebe gets happy for most toys, but she will let you know if there is something she doesn't really care for either.  Cami is hard to please and will just stare at you like you have just done or given her the lames gift in the whole world, and josh is generally happy for EVERYTHING as you can see by his excitement over Phoebe's Bath paints.
Josh did get his own very first truck which plays music lights up and moves.  Josh played and played with this truck all day and danced to the music it made; I think he will be our own Billy Elliot.
For Christmas this year I asked my parents for one gift, a carpet shampooer and I was thrilled to finally get to open the giant box they brought to me back in October, MY SHAMPOOER!  I was also got new maternity pjs complete with a matching onesie for when Sofie arrives and Cory got the newest Tom Clancy novel. 
 After all the gifts were opened and we all our breakfast Phoebe sat and played with her new horse and snow white while the twins played & played in the kitchen with Phoebe's new 90 piece food set.
This year for Christmas dinner we planned an evening meal which is unusual for us but worked perfectly because the we were able to have  some of the Fergy clan stop in and join us.  We have a small place, but we managed to squeeze everyone in and stuff our our tummies full of yummy food.
 Thanks to everyone who helped us to have one of the very best Christmases yet ever!