Thursday, October 18, 2012

Phoebe is FIVE!!!

I can't believe my LITTLE Phoebe is 5?!?! This was I think the first year she actually understood enough to really look forward to her birthday in fact she tells me quiet often the only items on her yearly calender of events are her birthday Christmas an daddy's birthday, he rest are just not important enough to remember. On her birthday we all got up early and dressed since we had to take daddy to work, which meant we had to get ready extra early to leave enough time for present to be opened too.
Phoebe got tons of way wow-y gift this year thanks to the help of uncles & grandparents! Her favorite thing was surprisingly enough the little purple purse, bracelet and headband, although she told me she loved it all!
 For school this year Phoebe took giant pixy sticks which I am sure all the parents were thrilled about as their kids bounced off the walls with too much sugar.
After school we made a qick stop after school to Nothing Bunt Cakes to have Phoebes pick out her cake. I asked this year if she wanted to help me make a cake or go to the store and pick one out and she sharply replied that you don't MAKE birthday cakes you go to the store and pick them out. she also told me that for her birthday meal she wanted cheese but no just any cheese she wanted a pile of parmesan cheese and nothing else. Unfortunately, that was one request I couldn't comply with so instead we had pizza, but it did have a lot of cheese on it. 
The little bunt cake didn't make for a fun looking kids cake, but it is what she picked out so I guess it looked fun for her. After dinner we quickly put Sophie and the twins to bed while our neighbor sat and we headed out to the home show. We got free tickets to go to the home show since we refinanced our home this year and Phoebe overheard me asking Cory if he wanted to go and so Phoebe jumped on the opportunity to quickly requested to go on her birthday night. Since it was free we agreed thinking she would probably regret it, but actually she LOVED it. We were only gone for 1 1/2 hrs and she was on a special date with mom and dad in a fun place with lots to see from the comfort of her own stroller.  If you asked her what her most favorite party of her birthday was she will tell you it was going to the home show, which I am surprised even puts above her presents, since Cory and I thought it was a bit uninteresting.

My Phoebe is 5, but she is still my little girl weighing in at only 28 lbs. I have forbid her birthday from taking place, but every year this girl manages to sill get older on me.

Cottonwood Ribbon Cutting

Cory's office designs most of the fire stations in town so our family almost never misses the opportunity to go to a ribbon cutting.  This ribbon cutting was an extra special one for the most beautiful one I have seen yet, which is located way up in Cottonwood Canyon.  From he bottom of the canon it takes 22 min of steep driving to reach the station.  It is located next to the lovely solitude ski resort. This fire station is a bit more unique than most of the other station because of the hardiness of the structure and the length of time it took to build. For example it has to be able to withstand 15x the normal amount of snow load that the city requires because of it's location it also had a VERY short build season between snow seasons usually between June-Nov so it took 2 years to actually build. The inside of the station is also amazing see the cool chandelier with all the candles, that also doubles as the most awesome fan I have ever seen! This station was had tons of custom detailing including the mantel, he wood bench as you enter and even the fireman's dinner table later pictured.
The ribbon cutting was attended by many higher-ups including several city council people, 2 city mayors & the mayor of SL County. Right after the ribbon cutting we were serenade with an alpine horn player which only seemed fitting since we were pretty high up in the mountains.
We even had Big Buddda come and do a broadcast of the ribbon cutting, which is always fun to see local celebrities in our mists.
As is always the tradition following the ribbon cutting the fire truck is pushed in it's bay and then hosed down for all the kiddos to thten take a rag and wash. Washing the truck is of course the part the love the best!
Unfortunately, Phoebe couldn't join us for this ribbon cutting due to school, but she did just visit a fire station the week before for school so she didn't totally miss the fire truck experience. After cleaning the truck the kiddos were taken on a personal tour of the station by one of the staffed paramedics there which turned out to be handy since Josh fell down the stairs and the parametric had lighting fast reflexes to catch him right before he smacked his head on he stairs. Down in the kitchen/lounge there was a really cool table which was hand carved by one of the other firemen, look at all the fire emblem detailing he added, pretty cool. 
After our tour we got to have some of the lunch that we had been smelling and longing for. Normally all the ribbon cuttings have no more than cookies and water, but since this was such a jewel station they splurged on a full catered lunch, and it was well worth the 1/2 lb I gained eating that fried chicken meal!
Not only was the station gorgeous and the ceremony especially fun, but the view we had going up and down the canyon was some of the best fall foliage I have seen since I came SLC. This was definitely fun for our whole family (minus Phoebs) to attend!

Doughnut Day Fall 2012 Edition

As October rolls around again that means we start off the first weekend of this AWESOME month with our semi annual Fergy Family doughnut run to enjoy while watching General Conference!!!
It also means delicious shakes and fries at Iceberg's after the Priesthood session on Saturday night.
Only to again repeat out healthy doughnut breakfast again while watching Sundays conference. For some reason Sophie always has to eat with her foot on the table something we have unsuccessively tried to stop, you may note even hr foo has plenty of chocolate doughnut on it.
Our family, especially me, LOVES this time of year for the fun traditions and wonderful talks given during general conference. Even though our kiddos are usually house crazy from watching what are boring talks to them.  I can't get enough if it and as the Sunday afternoon session starts I get a bit melancholy that the whole wonderful weekend is ending and won't roll around again for 6 more months.

Fire Fire Everywhere

A couple weeks ago Phoebe's preschool took a field trip to the fire station to learn about fire safety. It was a puppet show  with singing and awesome acting.  The kids took turns pretending to crawl under smoke and stop, drop, covering their face, and rolling.
After the puppet show all the kiddos got to take a trip out to the bays to see the firetrucks.
It was a cute field trip and it was fun to take Phoebe and some of her preschool friends (including Sophia, Phoebes BFF, who is sitting across from Phoebe) in our car. I am glad that at least a couple times this year I get to be the lucky parent to goes on the fun class field trips.

Caught "Red" Handed

A couple weeks ago I went out for a sister's night out when I got a very irate call from Cory saying the kids had gotten into the find dye that was out on the counter and now it covered not only the kids, but also the whole house. I assumed it was the usual suspects of Cami and Josh, but upon arriving home I discovered I was only partially correct.  In fact this cute toddler below was caught "red" actually blue handed which took a couple of day to finally scrub off.  
The house except for one small blue mark was eventually scrubbed back to new.
Moral of the story, Sophie now has to be watched as she is learning to get into trouble and kids are just NOT worth all the trouble they cause!