Friday, February 17, 2012

The Thaw?

They saw we always had a thaw out in February, but to tell you the truth we never really have seen the freeze so many day I am lucky enough to get to dress up all the kiddos and send them outside to play. Unfortunately the winter for he most part just means most of the landscaping is dirt and mud which the kids and come to LOVE digging in Seeing this mess always makes for one super happy mommy; I think they mainly do it because they know it gets them a second bath.

Strange People in the Strangest Place

Lately it is frustrating funny to see the twins have stronger and stronger personalities. Cami now cares what she wears everyday which either leads to 1 of 3 things 1. The same outfit 3+days in a row, even if it's dirty 2. A weirdy outfit/pjs or 3. I pick and it leads to a 10 minute tantrum. Cami is also my MOST troublesome child right now and every night we would have issues with her turning on and off the lights ALL night, but recently we got a child safeguard for the light switch and it has solved all our problems. For the first little while we put the guard on we often found her asleep by the switch after trying for so ling to turn it on, hints her sleeping in her toy bin.
Josh has always been our docile kid and compared to his two older sister he still is very much, but lately he has shown them both that he doesn't always love how they treat him and he likes to be alone and if that means watching the whole first half of the Superbowl while siting under the table then so be it!
I admit that having twin toddlers many days doesn't feel so euphoric, but every once in a while they are just so stinkin' cute or funny I am glad I haven't set  them out for sale on the curb yet.