Friday, January 6, 2012

8 Months Old

Yesterday our little Sophie Marie turned 8 months old.  She has begun to do so much in the last month she growing up too fast for me.  She just started with her raiment of rice/oatmeal cereal.  (My kids have always been less than stellar eaters so we usually wait till 8-9 months to start them.) Sophie also is getting to be a sufficient army crawler and you have to watch her if something is left on the ground she WILL eat it, so far in the last week other kiddos have left out stickers, dried noodles, green tinsel, etc...for her to eat and us to pick out of her mouth.
Sophie has also decided in the last month that she is now a thumb sucker so now all 3 girlys are thumb suckers, something I need to remedy, but haven't had the will to do. The bathroom scale says she weighs 16 lbs but we will have to wait another month for the official weigh in.  I know I have said it before it still goes that Sophie is the most patient and gentel natured little girl I have ever had and we just love her to bits!


As for me and my house we are OREGON DUCKS fans! Every year we celebrate while watching the Ducks play in their bowl game, last year we have family over this year we got fun matching outfits from grandma+pa Potts and we had pictures taken.
Thanks a ton to my neighbor Krisi who came over and took the pictures for us!

New Years Eve 2011

This kids saw to it that we started celebrating New Years Eve from early in the morn, about 5:30am to be exact. I got up with them from 5:30 -7am then Cory traded me for a bit and I went back to bed fora bit. During the day we watched & cheered for the Utes who won their game and in the evening we joined a couple neighbors for a family friendly New Years Eve party. We made pizzas and enjoyed TONS of other food, unfortunately I gained 1/2lb from all the partying. 
At 8:30pm we made our own countdown and wore party hats and banged spoons together. 
After all the junk food, playing and staying up later the kids were definitely ready for bed at this point, so we had a bit of Martinelli's to celebrate and called it a night. We didn't do anything grand, but it was one of my favorite celebrations in a while.


This year we celebrated our 6th anniversary much more casually than last year. Cory let me pick a movie, which I chose Sherlock Holmes and then he picked the restaurant which was Salt Lake Burger Co. This dinner was delicious, I highly recommend it and the movie was good but a bit confusing. It was nice just to have a laid back celebration this year and to plan all of our fun dates for the next year!
The drawing is Cory's rendition of our plans on our shower wall: movie ticks, burger & shake.

Sneaking into Neighbor Gifts

As always we such wonderful neighbors who brought tons of goodies around at Christmas time. Unfortunately on MANY occasions I would come down and find sneaky kiddos also enjoying our many delicatessens. Stinkin' kids get into EVERYTHING & no child lock can keep this little redhead out when she wants something, believe me we have tried.

In case you are wondering, YES Cami did eat that whole mini loaf of bread, it took almost 2 days but she finished off every single crumb. I figured I would let her have at it because it was better to add those calories & lbs to her little waist than mine!