Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

As it has been almost 3 weeks since my last posting, I have some catching up to due, so make sure to scroll down through all 4 updates.
For our Memorial Day celebration we traveled to Grandma & pa Fergy's backyard for some good food and pool party fun. For lunch we enjoyed grilled hamburgers with ALL of fixings which we call "Training Table" style burgers because like the restaurant these burgers have almost any thing you could imagine to go on top of them and when you are done fixin' it up it is almost always too fat to fit in your mouth without a good squishing down. YUM YUM!!
Opposed to what the weather forecast predicted it was gorgeous and perfect for a pool party. Phoebs was in her heaven playin' in the pool and for almost 4 straight hours she did not want to be out of the pool for most than 10 mins at a time. Finally at 5pm when it was cooling down and she was shivering we made her change out of her swimming suite which sent her into complete hysterics and it took many of use together to calm her back down again.

Zack's Party

Last Saturday we celebrated cousin Zack's 1st Birthday. Zack is the youngest of the wee ones, he is 7 mos younger than Phoebe, but he is by far the largest of the wee ones with his linebacker style body build!! Below are a couple of picture of the big birthday boy and his party food and because it is funny we have contrasted them with Phoebe partaking her share of party refreshments.
Zack going at his cupcake with fierceness:

Phoebe the dainty bird picks at her cupcake with one finger as to stay clean:

Zack going at his ice cream before one molecule has time to melt:

Phoebe never even made it to the ice cream, she only wanted to lick all the frosting off all the delicious cupcakes.
When all was done enough is never enough so the plate must be licked clean as well:
These two babies together are humorous to compare due Phoebs being the oldest of the 3 wee ones by 7 mos and yet Zack has almost 10 lbs up on her and Phoebs is one of the most picky and daintest eaters I have have ever witness while Zack's eats style as if it was about to go out of style.

Zoo Days

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the Zoo with our cousins, Grandma & Aunt Meggie. This came at a perfect time because for the last 2 weeks we have been really trying hard to learn some basic animal sounds and signs.
This turtle, for some unknown reason, held Phoebe's attention for what seemed like eternity and I am not sure if we wouldn't still be standing there if it wasn't for the 9 thousand kids swarming us from various school field trips. As a consultation for leaving Phoebs' beloved turtle, Cory suggested we get Phoebe a box turtle, to which I informed him they live 50 years, so unless he would like to live the rest of his lifetime cleaning the tank, we will not be getting a box turtle for Phoebe.
This African skunk (below) amused our wee one with his continuous running back and forth. After only a few laps of his antics our wee one decided it looked fun and began pacing with him back and forth as well.

These bronze tigers are the closest Phoebe got to seeing the real thing, due to animal lunch times and her own impatience for the wildlife's noncompliance of up close observation.

We were hoping to see lions at the zoo because that is Phoebe's favorite animal sound to make. Whenever you ask her what a lion says she is usually eager to reply with a roar.

After about 3 hours at the zoo we were all tuckered out, especially the two wee ones, Phoebe & Lily. Lily was scared to leave her stroller and I believe became board because she couldn't see all the animals from her reclined position and Phoebe refused to sit in her stroller, so we either held her or she walked along with us. Eventually, Phoebs found this foot guard and made it into a bench, it is only about 6" off the ground, but it was perfect for her short legs. When all the animals had thoroughly been peered at, we loaded up and headed home. This picture was taken after only being in the car for a couple of blocks of the car ride home.

Summer Fun, Havin' Me a Blast

Summer is finally here and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. We take every opportunity to go outside and really become unhinged when we are made to go in again. Mother's Day weekend is always an exciting time around the ole Fergy Family residence because it means it is time to plant our garden and flower beds.
This year in hopes of keeping our dirt lovin' girl out of the garden and flowers we got her a sand box. Since we don't have money or space for a real sand box Phoebe plays in an over sized Rubbermaid Storage container, a bit ghetto I know...oh well, she loves it all the same.

In our ward, we have a playgroup that meets every Wednesday and now that it's summer we usually meet at a park and play. Phoebe absolutely loves park days and splits her playtime between the swings or the bottom of the slide, as demonstrated below. She is just starting to climb on the big toys which make me very nervous because many of them have higher open platforms which she has no fear of.
Finally,but definitely not least, we got a small pool for Phoebe in our backyard, which is where she would live if we gave her the opportunity. Our little fish girl loves to splash around, blow bubbles and listen to normal world sounds from under the water. It is my goal to get this wee one swimming lessons soon because she has no problem with putting her face flat down in the water to explore and play around.