Friday, October 1, 2010

11 Mos Old

 This month Josh learned to crawl on his knees although he still prefers his arm crawl.  Also, both of these wee ones now eat table food. Cami is a noodle fanatic and both absolutely LOVE fruit and eat it until you finally just cut them off.

September's Date Night

For September's date night the theme was romantic night at home. I adapted it to be candlelit Scrabble, Sparlinking Cider & Fresh fruit with delicious cream for dipping. I was really looking forward to this date forsome time, but unfortunaltly it fell a little short of my hopes for it.  Looking back it was obvious a bad omen for romance as I was trying to put the kids down for bed and finishing the dishes and Phoebe was standing on a chair at the sink helping me and all of a sudden my foot was wet.  That's right, we are potty training and it an potty accident.  That wasn't the worst of it either, when I looked down Josh was playing under the chiar, yep his sisiter just peed on his head.  He was not distrested as I was, however, he thought it was fun and was laughing and splashing in it.  So instead of getting kids in bed, two of them needed to be bathed and the floor mopped up.  After this fiasco, it was a bit of a stretch back to romantic date, but I eventally got everything as it should have been and decorated the livingroom, with candles and a Scrabble picnic.
We then began to play Scrabble, something Cory had never done. The game didn't go so well due to the lame set of letters we kept getting.  If you can see my board  halfway though the game you'll see U E I & 4 Os. 
Oh well, the food was delicious and I kicked Cory's can by almost 85 pts!  I think this date could still be a lot of fun as long as it is not forced from mopping up pee from 2 kids and the floor and you picked a more fun game.