Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Service Opportunities

After listening to President Monson's talk about service, during General Conf., our family took turns giving service to one another. Cory started by doing a double service. First Phoebe got her daily dose of painted sparkle nails and second he volunteered to do it so I didn't have to painfully get down on the bathroom floor.
For Phoebe's service opportunity, she found some lotion in my drawer and rubbed it on my feet which were hanging off the bed.

For my service opportunity I have not yet forcibly tried to induce labor on the couple of fatties that are currently and severely invading my space. If you ask me that is the greatest gift I can give, especially when you consider the fact that I am only 60 in tall and the fatties have now made me 57in around. That's right, if I grow only 3 more inches, I will be a square.
All this service around the house was so tiring for both Phoebe and daddy that it had to be immediately followed up with some rest time.

The Waiting Game

Here we are in wk 35 of the twiners incubation time and wk 6 of bed rest. At this point we are as ready as possible and are just playing the waiting game. Yesterday's Drs. apt yielded a wee bit of good news, however, I am measuring about 44 cm prego (40cm is a normal for one full term baby) and due to my short stature can not grow much more. Dr. Tanner predicted that we only have about 1 wk, 2 at the very most, to go.
Last weekend we finished the nursery and about 1 hr after finishing I began to have contractions. This got us all excited, but after an hour turned out to be fruitless. We found out at that Monday's apt it was most likely just due to Baby "B"- Joshie, doing a 180 to match his fully breech sister. Naughty babies!

As I have been playing countless hr of Freecell, Phoebe has been livin' it up with Grandma Fergy. She practices her big sister stroller pushing skills, which is you ask me are still terrifying.
Phoebe also practices her penmanship daily on the bathroom scale. Don't ask us why she likes this spot, It is either because think she just assumes it is a mini stool made for her, or she is very self conscious about her recent 1 lb weight gain.
After all the work that Phoebe does around Grandma's house, she normally comes home to crash for the afternoon. On some occasions, however, she & Grandma are so tired from canning, destroying & then cleaning up every room that mid morning naps are just a necessity.

As you can see, because we are all sitting around with so much anticipation it is just wearing us out.

Toys, Toys, Toys

As we are coming up on Phoebe's second birthday, we are looking to find a some new age appropriate toys for her. This task always proves to be more difficult than it sounds. Every time we buy something we thing she would really love, she never gives it two looks. We therefore have resorted to taking her to the store with us to see what she will play with. Her selections, however, always turn out to be totally odd, as is proof by the above pictures. She loved these strange balls and squid looking creatures and wanted to carry about 6 of them around with her. She was totally devastated when we did not buy them, but quickly got over it when we got in the car and I gave her a mint. I don't know what we are going to do when she is no longer is easily distracted with mints; we may have to breakdown and buy her some of the weird items she falls in love with.