Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day O' Love '14

This year I was exited to have a long candy trail for the kiddos to wake up to. They kids arose bright and were hard to stall until I git ready.
Cupid brought everyone some fun stuff thus year!
Romantically enough, Cory asked for a trash can for V-day so in an effort to make it somewhat exciting I stuffed it full of goodies and UofO things and placed Oregon decals on it, in the bottom of the trash which you can;t see is a UofU decal.
Cory got me a pretty necklace with my birthstones in them and made a fun archery card which Cami loved!
Phoebe got all things Frozen, Josh had a racing theme, Sophie was general Princess, & Cami got all Brave items.
The kiddos then had an extra treat with the humongous stuffed full v-day bags Grandma/pa Potts sent!
For V-day this year Phoebe got to sport her new super curly hair that we did the night before and along with the cute v-day dress and gumball machine that came from grandma/pa Potts' bags.
Sophie sported her new v-day dress and came and helped me with Phoebe's class party.

On a side note this year Cory planed and super cute V-day date, which we actually celebrated night before V-day. We went and had archery lessons at a local shooting range (because Cupid shoots arrows!! Yep, I have pretty clever hubby). We had an hour to practice our craft then we had a contest to see who was the better shot, I won with 3 in the red nearly in the yellow.
After shooting we ate a DELICIOUS dinner at Texas Longhorns (thanks for the gift card Mom & Dad!). We then headed home to relieve the sitters and count up our who hours worth of shots to see who the overall winner was, of course we made a small wager to keep things interesting.
I I won I got a good long foot message and if he won....I can't remember and it it didn't matter because of course I WON! This was one of my all time favorite dates ever and as a memento we are framing our target ranges to hang in our future game room. THANKS for an awesome v-day date babe!

Fergy Cousin Olympics '14

Back in the beginning of February the Fergy clan gathered to hold the Fergy cousin Olympics. We had a lunch where many of the visiting countries were well represented.
We also showed our proud Olympic spirit with pics... well all expect for Cami showed their thrill, she  instead was too upset at the world to show anything but her total disgust for the picture at had.
Each family then chose a country to represent and of course I steered our family toward Switzerland. Note the mini Swiss flag on the flag. Phoebe got tired with coloring in all the red she she made a mini flag on the side and colored in only that part instead.
We had all the great winter events such as speed skating, which surprisingly enough Josh was awesome and at won, even ahead of his much older cousin. Cami cam around and even participated in all the events which included making hockey goals, Ice dancing, moguls, speed skating & slalom skiing.
Afterwards in our closing ceremonies everyone won gold...candy that is & concluded with our medal ceremony.
This was a pretty fun event and I look forward to repeating it again in the Olympic years to come.