Monday, May 10, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium

Last Monday we took a trip to The Living Planet Aquarium for 1/2 price night.  It is not a large place, in fact it is inside an old Albertsons grocery store, but it is big enough for wee ones. The aquarium recently was remodeled and added a South American exhibit where they now have new fish and penguins which phoebe LOVED.  She ran back and forth in front of the take following these zippy little guys as they swam around.
As part of the aquarium they have a whole exhibit on Utah wildlife, which include brine shrimp, water bugs, water skippers, and this frog which sat in this swamp like pool which we finally had to drag Phoebe away from after 20+ minutes.
These trout were also in the Utah exhibit.  Cory was just explaining to Phoebe that these little guys would be his delicious dinner.  
As always the twiners were great troops as they were pushed around in their luxury stroller even though I didn't let them to touch any of the neat starfish, manta rays, or anemones.