Friday, February 4, 2011

First Cuts & Fire Hats

Our little boy has what can only be described as crazy red hair.  When it is done (wet with gel) it is very curly and I call him little Mikey (because he had a Jerry curl), but for the other 6 days besides Sunday he has hair resembling Flint Lockwood, the main character in Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs.  We have been talking about giving him his very first a hair cut for a couple weeks now, but when it came down to it I wasn't sure how I was going to cut 1. a wiggly little boys hair 2. such curly hair.  I figured however, after someone on Sunday commented on Josh's afro and yesterday when we went to play at a neighbors house and her boy who about the same age and hair color had such nicely done hair it was time to take a "wack" at the long shaggy mane of Joshie's head.
For proof of the crazy red hair he sports on a daily bases I have before pictures.  See wacky uncontrollable frizz.
After about 20 minutes and only a few tears our little man is once again so handsome.  I had to use both sheers and scissors to achieve his look.  I wanted it short in the back but still noticeably curly on top & I think it was achieved.  Is it a totally perfect haircut, nope, but it is good enough for me and I had reached the end of this little boys good natured patience.  As I am looking at the pictures, trust me it looks better in person, but either way I think this wee one is cute enough to even pull of his mama's crazy hair cuts.
NOTE: I didn't do his hair in these pics it just got wet and went extra curly now that we cut a little length off the top.

I just couldn't write about cuties and leave this cutie twin out. I posted last week about the trip to the fire station, well, Cams still loves her hat, especially now that we took the elastic off.  She puts it on in the morning & wears it all around the house. Her biggest pet peeve is when her siblings try and take off her, she gets so mad and screams till they give it back. Here sh is watching TV & playing with it on.

Party On pt 2 & Only 15 Months late

Last Saturday a friend of mine, Stephanie, took me out for a late birthday celebration.  We started by going to a day spa for manicures & pedicures only to find out that the place that we had made appointments for a month ago and had pd gift certificates to was now out of business.  Feeling a bit annoyed we went on with our next plan which was to go eat.  We were too early for the lunch we had planned so instead we ate a late breakfast & boy I am thrilled we did!!!  The place we went was some place neither of us had ever been to but, it came highly recommended and now I pass this recommendation on to you all.  If you in the SLC area you must go to Gourmandis Bakery.  Here is a picture of the breakfast I ate.  Sorry, I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture so think of all this deliciousness x2.  The berries were some of the best I have EVER had & it only was $4.75 for it all!!!  I can't rave about t enough I am craving it just thinking of it.
After breakfast we went and had to pay again for pedicures, but it was worth it; both Stephanie & I needed them really bad!  With my toes all beautified it was then off to the nest party, the Fergy clan V-day apron sewing party.   
We picked a new fun pattern and got together and sewed our holiday/everyday aprons. Here are 3 of the aprons completed. I was about 1 hr late so like always I had to take mine home to complete it. After only about 45 minutes my cute reversible apron was complete.  One side is for v-day and the other for St. Patties day; a rather genius idea I came up with myself.

On another sewing note, I have been trying to finish up undone projects lately which included Cami's baby blanket from mommy.  I figured it is only 15 mos late, but she really wouldn't have even appreciated it until now anyway.  I chose to make her a rag quilt like her twin brothers, but I didn't want to make all the little squares so she has cute stripes, a cute pattern I made up on my own.
It turned out cute and you can see the front vs back with fun bright flannel colors just fitting for our wild baby Cams.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thirty Something

By the picture drawn in the shower wall you can see it's birthday time again for another Fergy member.  Last Wednesday (Jan 26th) I turned 31. Last year I was thirty, flirty and thriving, but this year I am now Thirty Something (like that 80's v show full of old people)... even though I am growing more and more ancient I still love birthdays! This year Cory was way on top of things and wrapped my gifts almost 2 weeks ahead of time.  Our up-stairs counter was full of presents!  
Phoebe was sooo exited for my birthday that everyday, about 20x a day, she would tell me, "Mom you know what we got you for your birthday? A Peasant" (and no I don't mean present, I mean it like a poor person, a peasant).
Cory was extra tricky this year with the wrapping of my presents. He wrapped dvds with marshmallow or packing Styrofoam or in giant sacks to try and throw me off in my guesses. It looks like Cory went and spent a million bucks, but not all these gifts wonderful gifts were from him, half were from my parents, but Cory still wrapped them all lovely for me.
For the first half of my birthday day I spent it partying it up at the Drs office, for the 2nd year in a row.  Phoebe woke up sick on Tuesday and we took her to the Drs to find out she had an ear infection, blisters on the back of he throat and a developing stone in her saliva duct.  To get her better they put her on a new medicine and that then started the vomiting which is why we had to go back to the Drs on my birthday.  Phoebe was allergic to her new meds.  After she got them all out of her system she was our happy party girl once again.  For the second half of the day we got to once again party on! We enjoyed pizza from my favorite pizza place Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria, then we blew out the candles on yummy cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Note the little hand trying to steal my cupcake, don't worry he got to eat a fair portion of it later.  Even if I have to get older to celebrate my birthday I am happy to do so.  Minus the drs visit, thanks family for another great birthday!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Walkin' Fools

Look what we have been up to lately... We are all walkin' fools!