Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cory's Final Test Result Is In

For over a month now, I have been running to the mailbox everyday to hopefully find the letter with Cory's final test results and yesterday was finally our lucky day after only 9 1/2 short weeks.

We started off our surprise celebration but getting some fancy root beer and cookies from Costco to take into Cory's office. I called ahead and told their office manager Marylin that I was coming with good news and she gave out shout of joy. She told me that she has been waiting for 3 weeks now to order business cards for the whole office until Cory got all of his tests back. She wanted to include in the order Cory's first business cards that read: Cory Ferguson -Architect and Leed AP Certified.

Last night we had over the whole Fergy clan and celebrated with the ever so classy 5 Buck pizza and pop. His sisters put together a candy sign as a gift & mom bought Cory The Might Ducks 1&2 DVD, because he graduated from the UofO (Oregon Ducks).

Everyone had a fun time celebrating, especially Cory who was on cloud 9 for the rest of the night. Our 3 year licensing internship will be all over in a couple of short weeks now. YEAH!!!

Good job Honey, we are all so proud of you!!!

Sick Baby Woes

For a whole year Phoebe was healthy, but her first birthday opened up the Pandora Box of sickness.
October: Hands, Foot & Mouth Disease
November: Hear Infection
December: Conjuctivitus (Pink Eye)
January: ?
On Friday Phoebe started to feel warm and was a bit whiny, but nothing abnormally bad. On Friday night when I got Phoebe up from her name, her cheeks were an unrealistic red and she has a temp of 103.5. That night she last relatively well. On Saturday she once again had a a temp of 103.5 and we couldn't get it to go down but for an hour or two before it was up sky high again. That afternoon I took her to the Drs convinced she must have another ear infection. When the Dr. looked at her he was sure it was an ear infection as well so he looked there first, but nope, perfectly clean healthy ears. He then checked her throat and nose, nope perfect there too. For a last resort he had to use a catheter to check her bladder, that test came back with no real problems, but he sent it to a lab to double check anyway, due to a couple white cells showing up. This isn't always sign of an infection, but it isn't always normal either. That night was a nightmare, with her refusing to sleep or even be out down. The next day we of course stayed home from church as her fever was uncontrollable. She started the day at 104 and then went up to 105.4. At this point I began to really worry and took her back to the Drs office. The Dr quickly looked at her and told us how glad he was we returned because they got a positive test for bacteria.

January's illness:
Bladder infection

When will all this stop?!?! My poor nerves can't handle much more of this, not to mention our poor wallets, and our poor cutey pie Phoebs.

Coloring time with Phoebe

As a dollar spot gift from Target, Phoebe received her first pack of crayons. There are 12 colors and have Spiderman on them, I tried to find more girly crayons, but Spidyman it had to be. She now loves coloring, or scribbling on her papers all the time. We are trying to teach her the concept of not coloring with the blunt side of the crayon, but she will have none of that. I guess each artist has their own mode and style of working.

New Years & Date Night

Okay, so I got a little ahead of myself in blog posts so I will go back and cover a few events in the turn of the new year.

New Years:
For us New Years has always been a bit uneventful and rarely do we stay up to greet the new year and this year was no exception. We started off the eve by going to Medico's home to break in their new chocolate fountain. After we completely gorged ourselves, we went to play games for the rest of the night...okay not really the rest of the night, just until we welcomed in our version of New Years at about 9:40 pm. We made sure to take a picture with the clock so you can check out how lame we are. To celebrate bringing in 9:40pm we popped open a bottle of Martenelli's finest and enjoyed the 2008 vintage. When we were done we drove home and were all in bed by 10:30...now that's my style of partying.

Date Night:
January's Date night was hosted by the Folwer's and we learned to play Bunko. I had never played this game before, but everyone assured me how fun it was and the were right! I loved the game and would probably would love to own it myself if you didn't have to have 12 people to play it. As is normal for us, Phoebe joined us for the Date Night extravaganza. She played in Zoee's room and found some beautiful necklaces and a lush purple boa to adorn her self in . She then came out to show the whole group how beautiful she was. I was a little surprised she could dress herself up herself; she is getting to be such a big girl.