Saturday, September 14, 2013

Phoebe's First Day '13

On August 30th Phoebe stared Kindergarten, and man she was excited for it! The night before we gave her a Father's Blessing for the up and coming school year and then we went and picked out her clothes for the first day of school
The next morning she was up bright and early ready to start school. I gave her the little back to school present Grandma Fergy sent, a princess school pencil sharpener and erasers.
 We then ate did, hair and headed out for our first day of school photo shoot. This girl is so stinkin' cute & photogenic I think we may have some boy troubles ahead of us, I can see it already with some of her poses.

 Once at her school I had to take a couple more pics!
After school I was able to snag Phoebe's new teacher Mrs. Rottini and get a shot of the two.
At home we had freshly made chocolate chip cookies because Phoebe is one smart "cookie" now that she is in school! We also talked about her first day and I asked her if she introduced herself in class and she told me she did so I asked her what she said & she told me, "Hi I'm Phoebe and we are new in the ward and my parents are the missionaries." I about died, her teacher probably thinks oh great one of these crazy religious kids/families. Oh well....what are ya gonna do.
On a side note Phoebe started school on a Friday and that night she had her first ever friend sleep over and it wasn't even at our home. Man I missed this little one it felt so empty just to know she wasn't asleep in her bed. Cami was so lonely Josh en and slept downstairs with her for the night.
Even now after a couple weeks Phoebe is still in love with school and to go almost everyday, she is sad on Saturdays when we don't get to go.

End of August Tidbits

I dread to say the kids have discovered out unfinished is really a large mud pit, just add water. :( All of the kiddos were caked in the brown stuff, just look at my poor new shower floor. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the last mud indecent this house hold has experienced since then.
In the picture above Phoebe was crying because we have lots of this dreaded weed called goats head in our yard and they have the worst thorns on then and Poor Phoebe got several in her bare feet after loosing her shoes in the mud. This was the motivation I had one morning to go crazy for almost 4 hrs pulling all the weeds and tumble in our empty back yard. it now looks nice and empty once again.

Ready or Not for School???

For the last part of August us Fergys spent trying to get THREE kiddos ready for school. Here are all the kiddos which their fun new backpack thanks to Grandma/pa Potts!
We took Phoebe to her kindergarten testing where she got to show off to her smarts to her new teacher Mrs. Rottini.
Us older Fergy girls got to go out on a date to pick out our back to school outfits. It was a bit more difficult that I hoped for, but we didn't have enough time for everyone to get their own special dates. After dinner we enjoyed yummy ice-cream creations daddy prepared for us.
It took the girls a little bit to unwind from all the fun and ice cream so they ended up staying up later with me in their new pjs watching some TV. I had a blast on my little girly dates with them.
The next week I had the chance to so on a mommy dude date o pick out first day of school clothes for Josh. This is something he really didn't car about but he did have fun playing in all the kids areas of the stores.
 After the date just like the girls we came home to enjoy delicious ice creations daddy once again made. I really looked forward to going on these dates with the kiddos and part of me is sad they are over, but the good new is we have many more year of this yet to come!

Fergy Cousin Carnival '13

Last month we held our 2nd annual Fergy Cousin Carnival Grandma even sent ticket invitations which I told my kids they had to have to get into the carnival or grandma would toss them out on their cans, so they made sure to all bring them.
We started off this zoo and aquarium themed carnival off with a yummy themed lunch, which of course was full off fun themed delights.
The kids enjoyed their lunch in the cover of grandma's tent, unfortunately we picked the only rainy day in August to hold this cousin carnival.
After eating up we had all of our carnival games, the bean bag toss, knock down the cans, the ring toss, another bean bag toss and the fishing pond. Sophie figured out how to rock at all the events, you just walk up to them and drop the object instead of trying to stand so far away to do it. Cami perfected her tosses by demonstrating her awesome stance.
At grandmas fishing pond she had lits of "cool" prizes this these fun whistles which may have gotten lost...
Daddy even took the afternoon off to join us at this carnival, because what is a carnival without fun face painting. All the kiddos loved this and got to pick out their own fun designs.
After the painting was done our kids chose to stay a bit longer and play in the rain before heading home.
This was another fun Fergy cousin carnival, hopefully next year we can catch it on a bit drier of a day.