Saturday, February 23, 2013

Special V-Day Deliveries

Since we moved to Grandma/pa Potts' home at Valentines time Grandma had a fun idea of having all the kiddos getting a special delivery from cupid everday of Feb leading up to the big day-o-love.  Their deliveries were small, usually just one piece of candy, but the kids LOVED it and would run to their boxes every morning about 5:15-5:30 am.
On one funny side not I guess I have never given my kiddos fruit roll-ups before because NONE of them knew how to eat them and all of them began biting & chewing big wholes in the plastic back that you pull the fruit roll-up off from. Mom failure on my part I guess, OOPS!
Two days before V-day Daddy sent us this box of fun treats. These were the BEST chocolate dipped strawberries I have ever had. These were HUGE berries, when Sophie had hers I looked for the smallest one and it was still like a mini apple size to her.
Not only where these delicious they were MESSY!  Look at my sweet sticky kids afterwards. I nearly just had to hose Sophie down afterwards.
These berries lasted only 24 hrs in our house and that was practicing a great deal of self restraint, we just loved every messy bite if it. Thanks Daddy!!!

Phoebe's Library Date

We are now in Oregon and plan to be here for many weeks so in an effort to have the kiddos not feel too out sorts I have decided to take the kiddos out on two dates each. Phoebe was first and her date was ti the Tuesday night story time at the city Library and then to a fancy cake shop in town. 

The Salem library story time was a fun, we sang, danced, well after we got done being too shy, and then listened to a couple stories. When we were done Phoebe got a fun purple heart stamp she was proud to  show me. 
Afterwards we went to play in the fun kids discovery room where they have tone of different outdoor kids actives to play with. We built camp fires discovered birds nests and made and followed different animal tracks in the sand. After we played there we went to  the kids book section and read some books and played with the fun horse carousel benches and working pay phones they had.
 I nearly had to drag Phoebe out of the library at 8:30pm they had so many fun thing to see and do like these fun reading chairs.
Luckily the cake shop (was only 2 blocks away and open late so I didn't have to worry about making it, before it closed.Gerry Franks Konditorei is a fun place with TONS of delicious fancy cakes I enjoyed coming to when I was little. I let Phoebe pick out her own cake, Barney's Blackout cake with a matching lemonade; while I had a Turtle cheesecake.  Phoebe of course only ate about 2 bites and 1/2 in of her lemonade & unfortunately the rest went all over the floor.
This was a fun date and not too expensive and the bonus was we took Phoebe's cake home where she then forgot about it and I enjoyed eating the rest of it the next couple of days! YUMMY. Can't wait to bring the next kiddo here because I have quiet the list of other cakes I would like to try.

Fergy Family Snow Day

On the day before my mom came into town to move me and the kids Cory took the morning off to spend with the family.  We had plans to go to the free Zoo day, but the weather was highly uncooperative so instead we just played together, relaxed and had fun shoveling driveways. Or at lease some of us did, Phoebe was out and then back in within 5 minutes. Josh LOVED shoveling and Cami enjoyed stomping around until she got wet or cold, then she just cried and screamed to go back in.

Sophie went crazy running and playing in the snow and could always be seen grinning crazily! She even got in on the shoveling action and luckily we had two shovels because her and Josh just both wanted to push and shovel away!
This was morning wasn't as fun as it would have been at the zoo, but the kids for the most part just had fun anyway playing out fun and spending some extra time with daddy.

The Big 3-3

This year I turned the big 3-3, but it didn't really feel/seem that much older to be since last year I was confused and already thought I was 33 for a while...the mind is already going. We were still luckily enough to be in Utah altogether for mu celebration si we started off with all the kiddos helping me to open all my goodies, of which there were a lot!
Afterwards Sophie chose to gift me with a clean house, unfortunately we were still living in Grandma Fergy's house which is always clean anyways so there was no big dramatic difference, oh well it's the thought that counts.
In the afternoon I had a WONDERFUL neighbor who took the kiddos for a couple hrs so Cory and I could enjoy a fun afternoon of strolling and shopping.  We went to Quilted Bear and bought a couple fun home decor items for the new house and exchanged a shirt at Scheels. Afterwards we came home and put the kiddos down for a bit and rested.  For dinner we went to Culver's and place we always wanted to try, but unfortunately we here not impressed with at all.
For dessert Cory got a delectable variety of cuppie-cakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy, which did included my very favorite creme brulee cupcake!
This was really a nice relaxing birthday this year and I especially appreciated the time alone with hubby to shop and see a couple places before we had to separate for the next couple of months.

Phoebe's Library Fieldtrip

Way back in the end of January Phoebe got to go one one last field trip with her preschool before moving away and this trip was to the Sandy Library. I was lucky enough to join in the trip  this time and I only had to watch 3 kiddos, double score. In our car we had Phoebe, Eli, Georgia...aren't they cute friends altogether??
We first went in a large room where we learned what a library is and what the people that work there do.  We then read 2 fun books and talked about what we do and don't do in libraries.
After story times we got to see the cool machine in the back that auto sorts all the returned materials, I even learned things here, it is super hi-tech! We then went upstairs to take a tour and have a little free time in the kids section where Phoebe, of course, just wanted to play on the computers. She got quickly bored since I wouldn't let her log on so then we just read Fancy Nancy books until it was time to go.
This was a cute little trip the kiddos got to take and I was especially glad to go with my Phoebes on her last fun trip in while she was in her preschool.