Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jared Michael: The First of Five Fergy Cousins

Bring it on! Fergy Clan baby athon '09!

Jared Michael Medico was the first of the 5 Fergy cousins to to be born, the rest are due to arrive within the next 2 1/2 mos. He arrive with a speedy birth on Monday Sept 28th at 7:28pm. He was one of the smaller Medico wee ones at 7lbs 12oz and 19 in.

Of course most of the fergy clan was there to welcome him to the family. Here is our wee one giving a sweet little kiss to the newest wee one. She is just trying to get in a little practice as she will have two of her own wee ones to be kissing sometime within the next 3 wks.

Bewitched with Horse Named George

Last week grandma and several of the aunts took the annual trip to see all the witches at Gardener Village. I sadly was not there due to my bed rest. I wanted to bend the rules for this one, but family told me I wasn't even invited, so I stayed in bed and was a big ball baby. It looks like everyone still managed to have fun however, even without me, the life of any party, there.
Here is a picture of all the cousins with a big ole witch with a spider broom. I am sure Phoebe especially loved her, because she really like both spiders and witches, no sarcasm! She is a strange child.
At Gardener Village they have a petting zoo and pony rides. We have never taken Phoebs on a pony ride before, but always wanted to, so grandma finally did. Here is Phoebe with George. I was told she loved this horse and didn't ever want to leave him. Even over a week later whenever Phoebe sees a horse she says, "Oh, George."
The Gardener Village witch hunt is a family tradition that I look forward to every year and hopefully if the twins don't come too late in Oct I will still be able to participate in it this year and I know our little Phoebs would love to go back and visit her beloved George.

That'll Do Clorice, That'll Do

After lots of gluing and pressing this ol' girl back together we finally had to part our ways. I owned Clorice for the last 5+ years and she has been a good car, in spite of how we cared for her. The poor girl hadn't had an oil change in 2 yrs and I had to add over 2 quarts to bring her back up to the running level & at the same time when I looked in the coolant container it was bone dry, and yet she still ran. We couldn't kill this one, she was a fighter and for that she will be missed. Even in the end when we anticipated a hard sell, Clorice came through again. I listed her at 10pm on KSL and by 10:30pm that same night we received 2 calls on her. At noon the next day 2 customers came to look at her and the first test driver bought her before the second even got to look. Once again she proved to be a no hassle kinda girl. We only hope she does as well for the younger 20 something yr old boy who bought her for $450 bucks as she was to us. Thanks for the good times Clorice!