Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I like to Move it Move it

Phoebe is not a big dancing queen like her cousin Lily, except when we visit Grandma Fergy's home. At grandma's house, Phoebe always runs to the back bedroom where she pumps up the music and busts out her greatest moves for us.

If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Baked a Cake

On the 24th of July (Pioneer's Day), Cory celebrated his big 29th birthday. This year he requested an Oreo Cake for his B-day cake. The day before Cory's birthday Phoebs and I borrowed cake pans from our neighbors that were shaped like an Oreo cookie to make the cake look more authentically like an Oreo cookie. Unfortunately, my ambitions were where they usually are, way above my abilities. Despite this mini master chefs help, the cake stuck a bit to the pans and so once again it was the thought and love behind it that counted not the finished product.

On the morning of the 24th we started the day with one of my favorite parts, opening the presents. We tried to involve Phoebe with helping out daddy, but she mainly just wanted to point at things around the room and crumple the tips of the paper.

After presents we went to Grandma+pa Fergy's for a pancake breakfast and grandma's first annual Flip Flop Party. The party involved us all getting our own pair of flip flops and then decorating them with jewels, ribbon and flowers. Below is Mommy and Phoebe's Flop Flops, below that is all the decorated shoes of the nieces, nephew and mine.

What holiday celebration would be complete without of course swimming and water games in Grandma+pa's backyard. This was a new water toy that Phoebe turned out to love.

Here is Cory and uncle Davey (Cory's twin) having just blown out the candles on their birthday cakes. Uncle Davey's cake was a Texas Sheet Cake with David and Goliath figurines on it, Cory's was a melted Oreo ice cream cake.

After a whole day of celebrating we headed home to play until bed time. This actually lasted until 20 minutes before the neighbor's fireworks started so Daddy got Phoebs back up to watch the her first ever fireworks, you can note how into the show she was. The poor thing was so out of it, we had to really move her around before she woke up enough to enjoy the show.

What a relaxing way to end a great day of pioneer heritaging and birthday celebrating.