Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Party was Nothing but Net!

Last week Grandma Fergy decided to have another one of her AWESOME kiddos parties; this time it was a belated celebration for the Stanley Cup. The Fergy cousins showed up ready to celebrate all things "Round and Icy" & prepared to get wet as the invite said.
We played several games the first one wwas to keep the balloon up without using your hands, I think my kiddos might have won that game. The second game was, who could melt their ice cube the fastest, which Sophie won because she had the beyond brilliant idea to put it out on a hot piece of metal. After that the kiddos raced balloons down rain gutters.  They were suppose to blow them down, but it didn't work so the kids instead pushed them down; if you look closely you can see Sophie wasn't a HUGE fan of it. 
After the rain gutter and keep the balloon up game most everyone's balloons had popped on them AT LEAST once except for my kiddos balloons. Phoebe thought it would be fun to pop her own balloon just for fun by jumping on it, but the girl just isn't fat enough so she kept jumping on it and falling. Finally the 3rd time grandpa held the balloon so she could step and jump on it, even at that it took quiet a bit of effort to pop that sucker! After her balloon popping "game" she was thrilled with we played roll the ball down the gutter with a hockey stick. Cami for the most part rolled it, but when it came to a seem she picked it up and moved it over it. Phoebe was clever and scooted her ball down the gutter the whole way using the fat part of the stick. Josh thought the whole sick think was lame all together and just carried the ball all the way to he end.
The Next game was throw the ball in the hole aka net. Phoebe was one of the few of all the grand kids who threw the ball. Many, including Josh and Cami, just walked the balls and placed them in the "net". The best game according to Phoebe followed his tossing game, It involved getting water squirters and filling them with water and aiming them at "pucks" or spray painted black lids trying hit as many as possible. This mainly turned into a HUGE water fight where adults and kiddos alike were soaked. Note the huge smile on Phoebe's face while filling her squirter, she is normally kinda wimpy when it comes to games like these, but she LOVED this, the twins ESPECIALLY Josh were less into playing with water, in fact he cried whenever a drip of water touched him.
At this point kiddos were starting to fall apart so even though grandma had more games planned we only played one more game and that was knock down the cans using a stuck and a puck. The leftover games that went unused turned into a game all by themselves for the twins, called walk in the gutters; they took many turns doing this.
At the end Grandma presented all the little kiddos with their own real Stanley Cups and then told them about how some players drink cocoa out of the cup when it is their turn to take it home; which Phoebe insisted we do, so the next night the kiddos all drank cocoa out of their cups, something they really got a kick out of. After the presentations of cups we feasted on all things hockey and round, which actually made for a pretty unhealthy but mostly kid approved meal!
I say mostly because my kiddos still ate almost nothing! Instead of eating, Phoebe melted a pink chocolate bar in her hands and used it for body paint on her sibling and cousins. Sophie easily out ate all her siblings by SHOVELING powder doughnuts into her mouth, she couldn't even shut her mouth she crammed it so full!
Even though some of my kiddos had a few difficulties at times, they were over all in a GREAT mood the rest of the day. They were sweet to each other and ran around and playing & having more water fights, we even skipped out on naps and stayed until 4:30pm. This was by far one of the BEST parties yet for our family, the weather was perfect and the kiddos had a ton-o-fun playing and relaxing outside at grandma/pa's for the day.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Splish Splash

Last week we made a special trip to a new splash pad/playground by us and we LOVED it! It was the perfect temp and we got to play with our cousins and friends. For the most part my kiddos had no interest in actually getting wet. Sophie spent a good amount of time getting carried around by cousin Michaela, which she liked and the other part of the time reading and eating random things on the ground. Josh just made sure to be well hydrated on the inside and dry on the outside. Phoebe got wet for the first couple minutes & then spent rest of the time warming back up and playing on the playground. 
Cami was the only semi brave one who dipped her little piggies in a water puddle while the water was temporarily off & ran on the outskirts of the splash pad to avoid water contact. The rest of the time Cami played of the big kids playground climbing to the top of the way tall towers.
In spite of this play area being a bit of a kid nightmare, because there are a MILLION and a half kids everywhere, this is a pretty fun park and we will try and get back here to play again this summer. It was great for wearing out kiddos for good naps Josh ran right in the door and went upstairs to lay right down on his pillow for nap time, which is always AWESOME!