Monday, March 14, 2011

How do you Deal with a Problem like Camille?

Cami is one of my most cuddly sweet babes, but she is also one of my MOST troubling ones too.
Cami is our resident busy body & climber.  She gets into everything and fast if you are not watching such as the pantry for some Trix and Phoebe's water colors.
For the past two days she has been learning to adjust to her new room setup and it has been disastrous. She wanders for hours and never seems to just lay down and sleep. Josh and Phoebe I believe would coexist with little to no problems if miss Camille would LEAVE them alone & sleep! The first night Phoebe, who refuses to sleep on her bunk bed so she made a bean bag her bed & Josh were quietly laying down to sleep after 1 hour; Cami on the other hand, took 2 hours and a couple check-in after attempting unsuccessfully to try & climb the ladder. Last night it took Cory going to lay with her to get her to stop wandering after 2+hrs.  Today after 21/2 hrs into nap time Cami still wandering and crying now because she is just extremely exhausted while Josh ell finally sleep through it all and Phoebe eventually moved herself to her old room and is sleeping on the baby changing pad on the floor.

Any ideas on how to get this girl to realize how tired she really is and sleep???

Fergy Wee Ones Room Make Over

On Saturday we finally did the dreaded deed, move all the kids into one room!  I have been dreading this task mainly because I knew it would be a tough transition for the kiddos, but as Sophie will be here in less than 2 mos we had to do the deed.  To document the change we took before shots of the two rooms.  Phoebes cute simple polka dot room is above followed by the twins room.
We unfortunately received lots of help with the room change. The kiddos wanted to watch daddy every step of the way. Josh unfortunately wanted to be INVOLVED in every step so he got to watch the process from his crib.  Cami stuck to helping daddy locate the screwdriver and pre-slobber all the large bolts, both very helpful tasks.
After several hours & the kids naps the finished product was finally ready for the big reveal.
The kids LOVE their new room, however night & nap times have turned into a nightmare I am hoping in a week or so things will calm down and fall back into a normal routine.
On one last side note, we have discovered a design error on our part; the bed can easily be used to climb on to the dresser, which was were we found Josh yesterday morning taking a nap. We have since fixed the problem by blocking off the opening with a blanket wall.

House Party Philly Cremes

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to host another House Party.  This time it was for Philly Cooking Cremes.  As a hostess I received a great new cooking pan & oven mitt and all the guests received coupons, magnets, cookbooks, notepads & cooking spoons.

Here are a few shots of the 3 dishes (Creamy Chicken Broccoli, Creamy Shrimp Tacos, & Stroganoff- my fav!) I made withe flavored cooking cremes.  I forgot to take pics until we were all done eating so sorry not the best photos, but all the dishes were WAY good! I also had fun St. Patty themed door prizes for a few lucky guests, okay well all the couples got a prize except for mom because I only had 5 prizes and 6 couples ended out coming.  Sorry mom- the only loser of the night, but at least you got a full belly of goodies.
It wasn't as large of a turn out as I had hoped, but we all had fun and I am really thankful for all who did make it, we all had a fun night!
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