Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Fergy Kids are Like a Big Box of Chocolates

Have I ever mentioned I am bored here??? No. Well that's probably because the Fergy kids are a like a big box of Chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. All of these pics are from the last week. 

Cami and Phoebe have discovered just  because they can not reach the powered sugar anymore does not mean the party stops. Oh NO, now they have discovered the canisters of flour and sugar & whenever they need something sweet they get into them. I say them because Cami insist on eating the plain flour over and over...GROSS.
Carters had a big clearance sale and since Miss Sophie is my naughty girl and insists on growing up on my I needed 9 mos clothes so she got this adorable bear outfit among MANY others things.
For some reason the kids have started this routine where when we say everyone upstairs for bed they all run to a stair and lay on it. Weirdos...they think it's funny. It was cute the first time but it grows old quickly prying them all off the stairs individually and pulling up to their rooms.
Miss Sophie has a love hate relationship with food. She ate it well in Nov. then decided she hated it. We tried again on New Year and she loved it, then after a day hated it and spits it EVERYWHERE. Well not Cory has found the trick mix the oatmeal with formula and not water & keep it thick.  She doesn't absolutely love it but she tolerates it and that's good enough for us.
Last night we named Sophie the family pouch, because she now it looks like she just sits and begs for food like you dog would and Josh slips her some if you'e now watching. Last night however, Sophie just decided she really wanted his dinner so she just grabbed it off his tray and took it.
Sometimes I wish it was just a little bit less exciting around here. I know if the twins are out of my site for ANY amount of time something "fun" is probably a brewing and if that wasn't enough now Sophie insists on getting in on the Fergy Mixture of Foul.