Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Real Life "UP" Encounter

A couple weeks ago we all attend a balloon glow. It is something we never knew occurred and it was only down the street from us every year during the the Sandy Balloon Festival. About 8 hot air balloons are laid out in a large field and blown up. My kiddos LOVED watching them slowly being filled up.  To make the event even more fun we were joined by grandma/pa Fergy and Uncle Davey. We had tons of candy and sat across the street on some blankets playing, listening to the live music, watching the beautiful balloons being inflated.
Phoebe and Josh were running around "flying like hot-air balloons" , which look more like airplanes to me and Cami was just thrilled (can't be over emphasized  to keep pointing out all the balloons right behind us over and over.
When the balloons were all inflated and it was dark you could see all the beautiful balloons glowing in the night sky as they lit their flames periodically. they didn't picture well, but they really were beautiful.
The most fun part of the even however was the fat that all the balloon operators were letting families climb in the baskets  for pictures.  We waited for a while for our turn and right as we got to our turn Josh decided that he was too scared to get in so unfortunately, Cory just had to stand outside the basket with Josh. Cami even got to push the handles for the flames to shoot up, but unfortunately we didn't get pictures of it, but sh loved it.
This is a REALLY fun family event that will definitely be a new every year tradition and I can't say it enough that you really should go next year if you are in the area!

Lullaby and Goodnight

I took this picture of Sophie one day at lunch she was so tied she couldn't even managed to stay awake to finish her Dino nuggets which is big for her because they are one of her most favorite meals.
Even though the twins are very much in the middle of a TERRIBLE twos phase of life they still manage to be sweet enough at night to show how much they love their twin as they fall asleep with arms linked together.

Jus Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

About a month ago we had our 2nd annual Willard Bay Fergy clan beach frenzy. We all gather together and spend the day swimming, playing and eating with our families. Phoebe was in heaven she is our natural water bug and only spent very few minutes out of the water the entire day. Josh our overly "cautious" child tried out the water here and there but instead chose to spend most of the day eating EVERYTHING & playing in the sand instead. Miss Sophie had mixed feelings on the whole day, but pretty much stayed happy as long and she was n-e-v-e-r put down or let go of .
Cami was lovin' this day she loved the freedom to swim around freely with her new life jacket on and she LOVED that Megan and Uncle Blake brought their canoe and took several little exertions out, which she managed to get to go on every time.
Towards the end of the day Cory and I took the kids out just as our little family and paddled around the bay.  We got to see several herons and I tried explaining that in Oregon they are blue in color, but Phoebe remained unimpressed and said she would prefer them if hey were rainbow colored.
This was a petty fun day in which for the most part I managed to avoid major sunburn which is always a plus for me. We even saw 2 other churches doing their variation of baptisms in the lake while we were swimming around so it was quite spiritual as we all sun bathed & lounged the day away. We are definitely all looking forward to the 3rd annual trip next year!