Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our Baby Phoebe's 7th B-day!

Phoebe's birthday this year landed on a Sunday so she celebrated her birthday in school on Friday. This year she chose to hand out juice and balloons to her classmates. 
We celebrated some of Phoebe's other b-day celebrations the night before, like our visit to IHOP & Coldstone. Dinner at IHOP was pretty empty and pretty darn enjoyable, in fact it may have been the funnest family dinner out we have had yet. Everyone was super well behaved, ate well and the food was really yummy! At cold stone I admit the kids were a bit more irritable due to the fact they were already kid of full and they didn't want to sit anymore, but most of us still enjoyed our yummy treat. 
I had to sneak in one last 6 yr old picture as I tucked in miss Phoebs the night before.
We started Phoebe's birthday a little different this year, we had chocolate pancakes and only open one present in the morning, since we had 9 am church (we didn't want fights to leave for church). Phoebe opened up and super cute dress Grandma/pa Potts sent.
After church & right after dinner Phoebe got to open up the rest of her gifts, she said it was pretty hard to wait the whole day, but as for us parents it was sweet far less fighting over new toys! Phoebe got most of what she wanted, walkie talkies, dress-ups and frozen books to name a few., 
Phoebe also requested a frozen cake and since her birthday was on a Sunday we made her cake this year, which is something I haven't done since her first birthday, which was also on a Sunday. We had blue velvet cupcake with blue lemonade frosting and crystal snowflakes. It wasn't the fanciest cake ever, but she LOVED it!
For the last pic of her birthday Phoebe modeled her new fox PJs and slippers.
I might be bias but she is just the cutest little 7 yr old ever. I am in total shock that next year she will be old enough to be baptized!

September Tidbits 2014

In the beginning of September right after we got back from Oregon it was Phoebe's turn for a daddy date so the two went and built an awesome wizard of Oz bird house. Phoebe loves this thing and it has sat on her night stand for several months now.
We also took the kiddos to see the gardener village witches on the first day they were up, this is the best time, it is not crowded and it is pretty warm still. While walking around the village we saw a pretty sweet greatful dead VW bus I had the immediate felling of being home in Oregon gain! Towards the end of our visit poor Cami took a spill on the pavement and got a scraped knee and bloody nose which of course rendered her whole body as pathetic and non functioning...she is a bit dramatic when it comes to injuries.
 September also meant my niece Olivia's first birthday and the first Ducks football games.
Phoebe also made me tape up the princess on her cute bike helmet because she said it was sooo embarrassing to ride home with boys wearing it, it broke my heart, but I covered up her once beloved princesses... she is getting too old!
Cami got to fly her first ever kite which she was pretty excited about. She also had to go to the dentist and get a filling which mean another sad swollen lip she chewed on, not as bad as last time, but still pretty large and gross.
I also love a cute sleeping picture the first know I am not sure what Cami did but both kiddos on either side of her passed right out. The second pic is josh protesting me telling him to go to his room and nap, so he napped on the living room floor right behind the couch.
Towards the end of September our family took a trip to Afton to visit Aunt Carolyn. It was a bit sad not to have grandma there anymore, but we enjoyed getting the sites of Afton none the less. We went to Cottonwood Lake, which was GORGEOUS and even managed to get a bit of a sun burn,
On teh way home it was really gray and eventually began to rain, but we still very much enjoyed the beautiful foliage along the way.
September flew by in the blink of an eye and I can't believe is came and went already.

Monday, November 3, 2014

First Day of Preschool 2014

In the beginning of September our three youngest babies started preschool back at Teacher Becky's. The night before we have them all their beginning of school Father's Blessing, which Sophie loved getting to participate in this year.
Sophie had morning preschool so she got all dolled up for pics and couldn't wait to leave!
Cami and Josh have afternoon preschool and were less excited to start back, but mainly because they don't want to stop playing to go to school. Cami, in spite of things, put on her best sassy poses for her start of school pics.
 Josh has never loved going to school, but always tells me how much fun he had when he gets home, so I am glad he has smiles for me at the beginning.
My twiners off to school together!
 I have a crazy schedule on Tuesday and Thursday, but it is only for 1 year!