Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swimming June Away

While all the men were out on their mini trip to Cali Amber decided it would be a perfect time for a swim party and she was right.  The weather was almost perfectly over casted the whole time so it kept the temps from climbing too high.  Everyone had a fun time including the twins who even enjoyed two of their favorite pastimes, being outside & eating.
Since it was a swim party I did have the twins get in the pool for a little bit.  This pool happened to be empty as you can see, the way Josh likes it.  We gave Cami a mini puddle to splash her little hand s in and Josh sat on the dry side until he fell quickly asleep.
Cousin Emma spent a good chunk of the time worrying that she was going to be sunburned, until she finally found the block and generously applied it to her right cheek.
It wouldn't be a good swim party if lunch wasn't provided and this was no exception...sorta; this is what we were served for lunch.  I am just grateful our hosts was generous enough to let us have more than one piece.

At the end of the party the kids were starting to get bored of swimming and were looking for any excuse to go play inside.  Here are these two longingly looking inside.  They both had their faces glued to the glass so cutely until I ran to get my camera, then Zack decided to get up and pat his "little" cousins head.
This was a wonderfully relaxing day and hopefully we have many more swim parties still to come!

Bon Voyage Morenos

About a week ago my sister-in-law Ashley and her hubby made their big move to Cali to attend Pharmacy school.  Before they left, however, they wanted on last family party so they decided to make us Luis' homemade tamales.  I don't think I had ever had real tamales before and I thought they were pretty good!
As you can see for desert we had another authentic Mexican item...vanilla ice cream.  If you look in the picture you can see Aunt Megan feeding the twins ice cream, NAUGHTY MEGAN.  She said they liked it well enough.
The next two days were a blur for Cory and some other members of the family as they got up at 3:30am and drove 9 hrs to move Ashley and Luis to their new home in Cali and then drove back the next day. It wasn't the funniest thing to do, but at least it won't have to be done again for another 4 yrs.