Sunday, November 29, 2009

1 Month Already

How time flys! As of Nov 22nd, the Fergy twins turned one month old.

Thanksgiving With The Fergy's

As is the norm for the Fergy Five, we spent the blessed food fest with the extended Fergy clan. We started celebrating the day by having Cami wake us up screaming hysterically at 5:45am. We ran into her room to discover her crying her first tears, so sad. After calming her down we had hoped to go back to sleep, but Phoebs then began screaming, "Mommy, Daddy," which she does every morning to let us know she is awake and would like to come out of her room. We then all went downstairs and as a holiday treat had Sister Rhoad's bake and serve caramel rolls. After that it was a blur of baking yams & pistachio salad while Cory played with Phoebs and bathed all 3 wee ones. We had planned on arriving at Grandma Fergy's around 10-11am, but finally at a bit past 12pm we arrived. Once there we waited for the finishing touches on the heavenly smelling meal and took some pics. Below are the twins next to the turkey, which out weight both of them combined, but wait that is not it...
We then added cousin Afton into the mix and yet the turkey still weighed more than all 3 of the wee ones COMBINED. The turkey weighed 25 lbs and the wee ones all together weighed no more than 24 lbs.
Here is our big eater stuffing herself. The first pic is all of the food placed on her plate. The second picture is when she finished eating. Yep that's right, NOTHING was touched. In fact the two pics are less than 5 minutes apart. All Phoebs did for dinner was dip a cracker into the green salad and then run off. The second picture wasn't even the 1st time in that 5 minutes that she left the table. The first time was during Dennis' prayer. She was sitting so reverently, but when the prayer didn't end after 20 seconds she got up and took her chair and left the room. Ugh, how are we ever going to teach this girl about good food if she can't even sit through a 1 minute prayer for the food.

Here the Fergy baby cousins during dinner time; they just got a jump start on the Thanksgiving nap fest.

After the meal was through, we cleaned up and then began the blessed tradition of looking through the Black Friday ads and planing who is going where and when, one of my very favorite parts! At the end of evening we traded our ornaments family ornaments (each yr we pick a theme & then each family makes or buys an ornament to give to each family) this year our theme was snowflakes (my snowflakes were starched and glittered ready made doilies). When we finished trading ornaments and eating desert it was 7pm and our wee ones were exhausted from a great, great Thanksgiving Day, so we headed home for a relaxing evening of our own.

Thankful Turkey

Growing up Cory's family always had the tradition of the Thankful Turkey. This meant that they would take an empty oatmeal container and then decorate it like a turkey with each of their hands as the feathers. Then during the month of November each person would put in the jar a scrap of paper with what they were grateful for. This year was our first attempt at our own Thankful Turkey. Below are listed the items that were written in the jar. We clearly forgot to put something in everyday and as for Phoebs' gratitude, we often would just write the first we could get Phoebe to say after we asked her what she was thankful for so her comments are a bit random.

We Are Grateful For:
Family, Blankies, Jobs, Sparkles, Babies, Our New Van, Colors, Katie & Our Cute Smart Helpful Daddy.