Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

For Memorial Day the whole Fergy clan joined at Madsen Home after many members of the clan ran a local 5k race. Normally we swim on this holiday, but this year it wasn't warm enough so instead the kids played on the swing set and trampoline while the adults talked and ate some of the best BBQ chicken ever!  
Grandma Ferguson was so intent to get all the babies together in a picture which didn't ever work at one time because at least one was always asleep so instead we took two pics of 4 out of the 5 babes.

Bet You Can't Guess...

If you have met our Phoebe or have read this blog long you know our that she is at least 3 kinds of crazy.
With this in mind idenify the object below:

For those who said cashew or even nut you are WRONG... It's a PHONE!

As we were eating trail mix last Friday Phoebe immediately grabbed a cashew out of the bag and put it to her ear and said hello and carried on a conversation through her nut phone.  It is nice to see her imagination is so active.


Ever since Cory saw a list of the most fattening fast food items.  He has had this morbid desire to eat the top three.  So last Saturday he consumed the Wendy's Baconator, KFC's Double Down & Coldstones' PBJ shake.
This meant that he ate:
3530 calories (normal daily allowance: 2,500)
225 g fat (normal daily allowance 60g)
3400g sodium (normal daily allowance 2400MG)
153 g sugar (normal daily allowance 40g)

Other fun fact about this meal the PBJ shake (which Cory didn't really like, but felt obligated to finish) has the fat equivalent of 68 pieces of bacon.

At first some of the numbers don't look that alarming, but remember this was just in one meal of the day.  He is very proud of his achievements especially because I told the KFC cashier what my husband was dong and she thought that he must have been a real big guy. 

One last ice cream note: In the last month Phoebe has fallen in love with ice cream. She always asks to see the ice cream truck and every morning I ask Phoebe what she dreamed about and every days she says,  "Ice cream".

Baby Woes

The last two weeks have been a big adjustment to our wee twiners.
FIRST: Both of the twiners got their first teeth in the very same week (their bottom two).
SECOND: Up until last Friday the twiners have shared one crib.  We have kept it that way, even though we have two cribs, because they slept better next to each other. Due to sisters incessant rolling we now have to split the two up for safety reasons (shown in the picture below, brother is a saint to put up with his sister and never complains).  The two don't know quite what to do without one another and instead of falling asleep within 15 minutes of bing laid down, now lay there for HOURS before falling asleep.
Misc. things from the month of May:
Phoebe put the bow in sisters hair...I know it is special looking, but it made me laugh and Cami was so thrilled her sister was playing with her.
Oh no it looks like we have another feather lover!!!  We always find feathers either in sisters little hands or in her mouth as she is chewing on them.