Friday, March 6, 2009

Nursery Time Already

Two weeks ago Phoebe began attending nursery; she is only 16 months old, but due to the year change, there were only 1-2 kids left in the young nursery. I am sure Phoebe perfers to play with the kids rather than attend classes with us and the nursery leaders confirm that Phoebs really likes it in there and there are no melt-downs. Daddy, however, misses having his wee excuse to get out of Elders Quorum and Sunday School with him. Our little ugly bug is growing up so quickly!

I forgot to take pictures her first week in nursery, so these are from the second week.

What to do in the Winter???

As the winter seems to drag on forever, I am running out of things to do for fun. I have lately created a girls group that meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, for this months activities we are creating tutus and taggies blankets. I having never actually made either I decided I should give it ago.
This cute pink tutu is the one I made for Phoebs & as for the taggies I made; it turned out so cute I am going to be selling them in a boutique March 19-21st at Pioneer Hall. Sewing the taggie blankets have taken up most of my time, which is good because we running out of fun things to do inside and am resorting to less constructive activities, such as reeking havoc in my Tupperware cabinet and strewing all the bowels and lids everywhere.
Yes, that is an ice cream bucket on her head. She was holding it up so I took it as a hint and helped her put it on her head. She laughed for awhile, but when the poor thing tried to get off her head she couldn't figure it out, so hints the picture where she gave up trying and just sat down to watch her show with the bucket still on her head.

On a more positive fun note, this week I finally made a final push to finish Phoebs room. Many months ago I put up pictures in Phoebs room in an effort to create a cute nursery. The nursery only got half finished because we never had any bedding to match, only some mix matched quilts. This week I finally went to Ikea and to get Phobes some bedding and a few other cute room items, which I was successful in doing! The bedding is cute and looks so fun in her room , however, it doesn't match any of the pictures I put up. Maybe in another six months or so I will get around to fixing the pictures and it will be all done.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Food and the Fergys

To know the Ferguson family is know that we never miss a free meal! Last week we were blessed to have two free meal days.

Free Pancake Day at IHOP:
On Tuesday IHOP had a free stack of pancakes for a small donation to the Children's Hospital, so almost all the Fegy women were there with kids in tow. Phoebe of coarse found the food inedible, as she does with anything that is not straight sugar or milk, I however enjoyed them immensely!

Free Roast Burgers at Arbys:
Right now Arby's is promoting their newest Sandwiches with coupons for Roast Burgers free with purchase of any drink. With coupons in hand, last Thursday night our wee Fergy family went to freeload on Arby's generosity. I thought the burgers were okay as far as Arby's food can go. Phoebe enjoyed some Cheese sticks, but mainly our drinks.