Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fergy July Tidbits 2014

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July seems like an eternity ago, but here was our recap. On July 2nd Phoebe had her last day of school and to party it up we went down to liberty park with her cousins to swim and play.
On the 4th of July we spent the morning doing some yard work and a nice relaxing lunch at grandma/pa Fergys house. The girls and kiddos spent the day outside talking and playing while all the ned spent the day inside watching Brazil playing the world cup. After the game the brothers were looking to celebrate and since it was a warm day they decided it would be a good idea to dump a huge cooler of water on their sister Charisse, she was a much better sport about it than I would have been.
In the evening we returned home where we again did more yard work and then camped out on the front yard and watched all the cool fireworks all around us.
The next day all the Fergys went up to Wheeler bay to swim the hot day away. 
We took the family in July to cash in on the $0.56 pancakes. The kids had a blast and loved that their special pictures got to be hung up on the wall in IHOP.
For many years I have wanted to get the kiddos in swimming lesson and after a desater of an attempt when Phoebe was 3yrs old, we never got back to try lessons again. I was thrilled that our very own beloved preschool teacher Becky has a pool in her back yard and her two oldest daughters agreed to teach some lessons to all the Fergy kiddos. Phoebe and Josg LOVED taking lesson and we will for sure be getting in some more lessons come next spring/summer!
July also meant cow appreciation day and with a cow costume a free meal was enjoyed by all! Here are my 3 cows with an official chick fil-a cow and Sophie who didn't want to stand by the cow.
Right after our free lunch we stopped by 7-11 for our free slurpees on July 11th. These were the kiddos first slurpees which they turned out to love.
In July it got pretty warm and we had the back yard torn up for most of the month so we played most of the time inside having fun making box trains, homes, etc.
Cami finally got to go to the car wash with daddy which of course she loved, almost nothing scares this girly.
In July Cory and I finally got to got out to Texas de Brazil, a pretty expensive Brazilian steak house we had been really wanting to try. Luckily in the month of July they had 1/2 off all meals which made it slightly more affordable. It was DELICIOUS! The best meat of any of the Brazilian restaurants we have been to. After dinner we wondered around city creek mall. I loved this relaxing date, it was something we had been looking forward to for a while and some day I would love to do it again!
The end of July in our home means birthday time for Cory! This year we celebrated by having an overnight camp-out in the backyard and then breakfast all together.
It was an incredibly warm night with lows still in the mid 80s so many of us did not sleep that well as my nephew demonstrated well while swinging the next morning.
After breakfast we had a childrens parade where the kiddos dressed up mainly in pioneer clothing and got their makeup done by the older cousins. The makeup jobs done on my girls was super special as you can see, but they LOVED it and though they looked beautiful.
Here is a pic of all the parade participates!
We actually had to have Cory's birthday meals a couple days after his b-day, but we had his favorite biscuits and gravy for breakfast when we did! On the afternoon for Cory's actually b-day we came home & while the famil took a long needed cat nap I cleaned our VERY dirt house up! Then we opened up birthday gifts galore!
For Cory real b-day dinner we went to our neighborhood's 1st annual circle of fire, i.e. we all gather in a cult-de-sac and have big potluck dinner and watch fun a firework show. A couple days later we celebrated with a peanut butter ice cream cake and just our family.
I am not sure what this swim suit pic is, but they cuties were ready to got swimming somewhere.
At the very end of July I finally got around to making our dinning room some curtains with supplies I had actually gotten long ago. I think they turned out pretty perfectly and I love being able to have a little privacy again!
On the last day we took a surprise swim day. We were suppose to play at the park, but under another mom's watch the kids went swimming instead. NUT BALLS! we later found out that just to the north of us there was a no swimming sign posted, but as you can see it is widely ignored.
July was one of the busiest months of my whole life since almost every second was filled with hard manual yard labor or kiddos activities. I fell into bed almost every night exhausted and couldn't;t remember what it was like to have a minute to sit down and relax. I am glad we worked so hard then, because now we are back to our slower pace one again.