Wednesday, April 30, 2014

March Tidbits 2014

In March we started off by getting our 2 or 1 frosty tags at Wendy's, so from Mar-Dec we will be doing lots o cheap family frosty runs! The kids as you can see are super excited for this.
Sophie has continued to struggle with some wicked bedhead through out March, which I find humorous but she finds less so when it comes time to try and tame it.
The beginning of March had our annual free pancake day run, we have discovered if you are there at 7am the place is empty, we will have to remember this next year.
I finally got my laundry room 95% complete in the last month I just need a big clock in the place of my temporary hanging pizza pan on the wall. I am happy with how cute it is turning out to be.
After warm temps in the end of Feb I was less thrilled to welcome March with it's several cold snow storms.
Phoebe found out in the middle of the month that she got in the French immersion program in her school, so to celebrate we had a little impromptu party with a French toast party for dinner complete with french champagne (well Martinelli's, be we were pretending) and French vanilla ice-cream and sorbet for dessert. Grandma/pa Fergy and Dave also joined us and gave Phoebe a Belle book because she is from France.
In 3-14 it was national Pie day so we made blue berry pies and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because Violet turns into a blueberry in the movie. Surprisingly, the kids didn't really care for the pies, I guess they get that from me.
I did make one bigger pretty pie for Cory, but it was a little helper of mine also had her eyes on it.
In the middle of March the Fergy women got together for a morning out and we enjoyed breakfast, this delicious masterpiece was immediately in my belly following this pic!
For St. Patties day the Leprechaun made sure to drop buy our home and leave is lots of green Irish goodies, like (poor man's) Lucky charms, a St. Patty's day book & green apple syrup to make our own pop with.!
Grandma Potts also sent some extra green day goodies like fin hats and a little green (money- which the kids call a ticket)
Another attempt at braiding, but this time just one braid and not two (it didn't stay in very well).
Of course it's not a true St. Patty's day in the Fergy home without delicious Corn Beef and cabbage for dinner!
I finally began attempting french braid, something I have always wanted to learn how to do and with a lesson from grandma Fergy I think I did a pretty good job for a beginner!
In March Phoebe's school had another books and breakfast and since we missed the last one, I made sure to catch this one. The kiddos LOVED it and we even got an extra special treat because the twiner's preschool teacher, teacher Becky, came and joined in on our little breakfast time fun.
After one date night I came home to the first note I have ever seen Phoebe make. I see all the loving messages of love other kids make for their moms, but not mine, this oh so precious message perfectly captures the phase we are going through with the kids right now.
In the middle of March the kids were over the moon that Frozen finally came out on DVD we surprised them by buying it! This pictures doesn't show it, but they cheered and squealed with joy. 
In preparation for spring we commissioned our BIL Blake to aerate our yard. Cory actually did the west side of our yard, but I loved this pic showing Blake did all the work while Cory and Dave just stood around and watched.
Ms. Sophie finally tried the fun curlers and I LOVED how cute she was in them, but she really didn't enjoy sleeping in them and it was a bit of a struggle to not have her pulling them out to lay down and sleep.
For the end of March I finally got around to do more wreath endeavors and I made this cute springy wreath for my front door and I really love it!
With a little defrost in March Phoebe found the fix to her too skinny problem (when we find shorts small enough for her waist they are WAY too short for her), solution: grab capris from your baby sisters drawer (24mos size) and they make perfect shorts for a bean pole 6yr old.
Sophie surprised me when I asked her to go make hr bed she ACTUALLY did it, or attempted to do it, unfortunately the results since then have yet to be duplicated.
In the end of March I finally finished the pirate ship that I start on back in November, and I think it turned out stinkin' adorable the wheel does turn and Josh just LOVES pretending he is the captain of a pirate ship.
I just love when I catch the twiners sleeping together in cute poses!
The last day of March we had our nephew's Leo's baby blessing, but as I was putting the finishing touches on Phoebe's hair she suddenly told me she didn't feel so well and then threw up everywhere, so though she looked happy in this pic she was a pick puppy.
March flew by so fast, that looking back at these pictures it surprises me that we did so much in what seemed like only a week's worth of time.