Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Fun Days

Ever year Salt Lake has a free event for the family called Family Fun Days. It is always about 2 weeks before Pioneer Day and used to be at Wheeler Farm, but now it is held at This is the Place State Park. This year we made the trip with a few other of the Fergy Family members.

Unfortunately, last year we missed this event, but we made sure to catch in on all the "fun" this year. As always it was 900 degrees out and more then plenty crowded. We learned how to rope cattle, run in barrel races and about our pioneer heritage. Below are a few pics of Phoebs learning the ropes of a rodeo.

Phoebs favorite part of the day by far was playing in the mini western village that. She would run in and out of the little houses staking her claim from the other children playing.

To fully appreciate the pioneer heritage we all decided to don on the attire and have a photo taken. Phoebe looks like an authentic pioneer babe in her little outfit. In all it was such a "fun" filled day that it should last us a couple more years before our return.

Happy 4th of July

Well better late than never is what I always say, so happy 4th of July on July 21st. This year for the fourth we stayed in town and started the day with the annual Fergy family photos. As always, Cory's twin Dave was the wonderful photographer. Here are a few of the picture highlights.

The whole Fergy clan

Our wee Fergy clan

The 7 siblings in the original Fergy clan
The Fergy clan grandchildren
(Next yr there will be 5 more in this pic)

The three weest Fergy grand babies

After pictures we went to grandma+pa Fergy's house and enjoyed Training Table style burgers and watched the wee ones run between 3 little pools. This entertainment lasted the rest of the day for us.
Afterwards we made the short trip home, put on pjs and Phoebs and I were both asleep before the first burst of fireworks hit the sky. Overall, a very fun and relaxing way to spend the holiday.