Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of June Cookin' & Campin'

Cory's Family is way into dutch oven cooking, something I had never even heard of before moving to Utah, but his family rarely still ever eats dutch oven due to all time it takes to prepare and cook. This year, however, it has been made a goal that we will do it once a month all summer long.  No complaints here!
In spite of how delicious the dinner was my AWESOME layered drink was our kids still had little to no interested in it all because the neighbor had their dog out and my kiddos just wanted to play with him.
After dinner we had some unplanned water fights which Phoebe got soaked in, luckily we had her pjs with us, and a tug-o-war with Dennis vs 6 of his nieces and nephews.  I think the kids with the help of Uncle Jason won in the end.  Amber and Alan also made their delicious homemade ice cream for dessert which is what my kiddos loved the most!

As I am a Den Leader in the Scouts, last week I was able to spend a day with my Wolf and Bear scouts at Cub Country. The camp I took them too this year was Superhero Adventure Camp.  The theme was a bit "special", but the boys still loved every minute it. Here are all my cubs minus one with their senior boy scout leaders for the day.

June's Date Night: Christmas in Hawaii

For June's date night I came with the theme of Christmas in Hawaii. I also chose to make this another group date and invited several neighbor to join us. I and one other set of neighbors came dressed in festive Hawaiian wear.

To celebrate the Christmas part of the date I made each couple a stocking with both Christmas and Hawaiian goodies.  Each couple also make yummy goodies that thy normally only serve at Christmas time, I made hot chocolate, but seeing at it was 90 degrees I made frozen hot chocolate. Lastly, we had a gift exchange where we actually ended up with 2 useful gifts: and nice beach towel and Christmas CD.  
The whole night Phoebe was having a HUGE meltdown tantrum that she couldn't join us downstairs in her Hawaiian wear, so the next day I decided to dress them all up in their Hawaiian wear and take pics. Phoebe was really exited and smiled like a fool; Cami on the other, hand was a bit putout with me and the only time she didn't have a grumpy face was when I finally gave them all fruit snacks at the end. Oh well, I can't make everyone happy all the time and even when Cami is grumpy her faces still make me laugh.