Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Way too big...

Well now that is almost May, I will finally get around to posting our egg-citing Easter extravaganza. This year we traveled to Afton, WY to be with the whole Fergy family at Cory's grandma's home. For the majority of you who have never heard of this dot on the map here is a small description of the town. Afton's population is a little over 1,800 and is the home of America's largest antler arch. Overall, I love our trips there because they are pretty relaxing as there is NOTHING else to do there. This trip, however, we were able to enjoy the town Easter egg hunt complete with the tallest Eater Bunny I have ever met (he had to be 6"5' +).

After the hunt all the kids took a nap while Mr. Bunny came and hid all of the eggs in the snow.
Phoebe for the most part had little to no interest in finding all the eggs. Each of the kids got 23 eggs and after picking up about 3-4 Phoebs made us hunt for the rest.

After all the eggs were found, the hunters gathered together with all their booty for a picture.

Here is Phoebs with all of her candy loot. Most of this candy still exists as she only gets a piece of candy after she is a good eater, this is a rare occurrence.

Even though we could not interest Phoebe in the egg hunt not all was lost on her, she found many ways to entertain herself over our 4 day visit. Here she is dumping all the flower all over the kitchen carpet, note when we then tried to clean it up, the vacuum was broken and just blew it everywhere.
Here she is pulling out every single paper out of the cupboard and then arranging it in her own special way.
On Easter Morning we all waited upstairs for all the cousins to finally wake up and join us to see what was in their Easter Bunny bags. As we were waiting for the last few wee ones to get up my 4 yr old niece Kayla and I had one of the most uplifting chats. She asked me if I had a baby in my tummy which I replied, "Yes, I have two of them in my tummy." She then comment, "Oh, so that's why your tummy is way too big." I might not had been so offended if I was showing at all at that point. Yup, that is Kayla for you, in case you felt at all okay about yourself she will help you with that.
When all the wee ones finally awoke we all run to our bunny bags to see our loot. Here is Phoebe with hers, which she took no interest in. I guess the Bunny left her lame gifts and everyone else's were much better. We couldn't get her to take interest in her gifts, but she went around stealing everyone else's.
Here is cousin Emma and Phoebs in their Easter tutus. Emma couldn't seem to understand the correct way to wear her new sunglasses.
Phoebe seeing this felt the need to steal the glasses to show her how to put them on properly. She really did put on the glasses all by herself.
After the bunny bags were all opened we had a few hours to play and clean up and then we had to start making the 3 hours trip home again. Overall, this was a great Easter with everyone around to celebrate with and I look forward to joining the even bigger crowd next year with the 4 (Fergy, Fergy & Medico) wee ones being born later this year.