Thursday, January 10, 2013

Orange You Gonna Eat With Us?

Every year the Fergy clan gathers to have one large themed progressive dinner. This year the theme was Orange, because we wanted to read the story The Christmas Orange all together. Instead of visiting all 6 Fergy houses this year, we decided to only visit 1/2 the houses and then trade off every other year and so if you didn't host this year you partnered up with someone who did host & made that portion of the meal.  This year I didn't host, since we were moving, so I partnered up with Amber to do appetizer/salads. Amber did a delicious green mandarin orange salad and I did a yummy Orange Sherbet Jell-o.
Next we drove to Charisse's home where mom and her partnered up to make fried rice and orange chicken  This was way yummy and in fact the only thing Phoebe would eat the entire night.
Lastly we wen to Julie's where we had orange rolls and Orange cocoa for dessert. We began the entertainment part of the evening with a lovely dance show by Cami and her cousin Afton.
We then ended with Charisse reading us the story of the Christmas Orange which was the first time I had ever heard it and I really enjoyed it and would like to get it for future Christmas story times.
The change we made to visit only 1/2 houses really made it more enjoyable for us all because we could visit more and fight a lost less to get the kiddos in and out of the cars ever 30 minutes.