Monday, September 16, 2013

Cami's Traumatic Dental Appt.

In the end of August Cami had to go to the dentist to get two cavities filled, a first for all of my kiddos. To make the ordeal as painless as possible the dentist gave Cami some loopy medicine  before we even got to the dentist with worked really well, Cami could't even sit up in a chair or stroller no less walk. When we got to the dinist they then put on a movie for her and gassed her which made her really easy to work with she didn't even flinch when she got the shots. The first easy a breeze and went really quickly.
When it was time for the second tooth something went terribly wrong and she seemed to have immediately sobered up in a second. The second tooth involved me laying ion her to hold her down then when that still wan't enough the dentist had to get a body board for Cami to keep her still, I didn't even know this thing existed outside of mental institutions. Cami was screaming so loud they had to shut all the doors and brought no other patients around until we finished up. 
The second they took the mouth props out of her mouth she stopped screaming and was happy again in fact all she wanted to do was just go play in the play room out front, but after only 1 minute of playing she realized she was just too tired and laid down, so I packed her up and we headed home.
On the way home Cami unfortunately, was still quiet numb om her bottom lips and didn't realize she began biting her lower lip very hard and when we arrived home she was so bloody we couldn't tell if she needed stitches so I called the dentist and immediately had to take her right back to the dentist. He said she her lip was okay, no deep gashes, however, she bite her lip pretty badly. Cory and I thought it looked like a piece of chewed on steak, these pics didn't do the damage she caused herself justice. Her lips were almost immediately so swollen she couldn't close her mouth for days.
The next day she got huge ulcer like scabs on her lip and that took almost a week to disappear. I have to admit it grossed me out to look at it, it looked highly painful and she was on a salt free easy to mush diet for many days.
Luckily, one of the purposes of the drug that the dentist gave Cami before he even started is to cause forgetfulness. If you ask Cami how she liked the dentist she says "pretty good" doesn't remember screaming only that she has fun and they have a play room. Hopefully this won't need to ever happen again!