Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Over the Hills and Through the Woods...

In he beginning of Sept we finally got the opportunity to go up to Afton, WY and visit great grandma Wilkes & Carolyn. Unfortunately, we could only do a day visit which upset kiddos, but poor grandma is too old to handle all our craziness for too long. The kids loved surprising grandma and playing with her toys while daddy enjoyed sleeping on grandmas couch (something we thoroughly mocked him for). Cami showed grandma how to build with Legos, while Josh discovered the trucks.
Phoebe loved these wooden blocks and built a zoo with giraffes and her name, which the help of grandma Fergy. 
Grandma sent us to Burger King for lunch, which is always a staple of visiting great grandmas house. After lunch we came back for a few minutes, but unfortunately we then we had to make the trip home again. 
Hopefully next year we can at least squeeze in a walk around her house, that is one of our favorite actives to do and this year we just didn't have time to venture out for one. Hopefully, next year the twins will be more obliged for pictures with grandma too.

Monday, September 24, 2012

50 LBS Later

After almost one year exactly I have finally met my weight-loss goal of 50 lbs (technically the after photo I had only lost 45 lbs but I pretty much look the same 5 lbs later). The next goal is to lose 10 more lbs by Christmas. Here's to hopin' oh and more self control!
2011 Fergy Family pics vs 2012 Fergy Family Pics

To celebrate my weight goal I invited the family all out to a new cupcake shop I just heard about called one sweet slice. They had just been on Cupcake Wars and won and I can see why they were DELICIOUS! Even all my hard to please kiddos approved.
This cupcake shop even had a cute kids play area  which all thoroughly enjoyed until Cami fell and got a fat lip them we called it time to go.
This was a cute little celebration, but I think next time I want to celebrate a milestone I will do it without all the crazy kids in tow!

Phoebe's First Day 2012

Phoebe started back at Preschool and knowing what preschool even was this year she was THRILLED to start! This year she dressed herself with no fight & in fact was even game for what I think was possibly one of her cutest photo-shoots ever (she came up with all her own poses)! Her first day this year was an ice cream social day which is why her name tag is in the shape of an ice cream cone.
After her front door poses we still had a few more minutes o wait she she went and began t pose with all her siblings, Cami excluded, because she was having none of it!
When we got to the front door of her class she was a bit upset I was still trying to take pics as class members who remembered her from the year before were yelling. "Hi, Phoebe" she just wanted to go in all by herself because this year she, "is all grown up."
I am trilled that she could have another year with Mrs. Thompson, whom Phoebe just adores!

Fergy Labor Eve

Every Labor Day eve the Fergy Clan always gathers together for a good ole back yard camp out. This year, however, the camp-out part was scrapped, but we stilled gathered and had a yumm-o dinner  dessert. We had kinds grumpy kiddos so I didn't get picks of the dinner, but it was dutch oven and it was great! After dinner the kids and Alan played football which you can see they LOVED, then we moved on to what I call the main event...the smores bar.
My SIL Charisse suggested that this year we make a smores bar since seeing a million ideas for them all over Pinterest. This idea was DELICIOUS and definitively needs to be a new tradition. There was about 20 + combos of  smores possible in our bar and I loved every one of them. The kids didn't actually love smores but they did like roasting the mallows and eating the chocolate.
After dessert we hung around for a bit longer, but the kiddos were just about cooked themselves so we called it a night. This is celebration is always one of my favorite I look forward to every year and now with a smores bar ta'boot I will anticipate it just a little bit more in the years to come!