Saturday, December 31, 2011

Will the Craziness Ever End??

Our kids have always been a little crazy, but for some reason coming off from Christmas the extra craziness has begun to show its self.  This picture of Josh and Daddy was actually taken by Phoebe, she is improving!

Cami insists I do her hair everyday with mismatched pigtail clips, Sophie is ever so patient while her sibling think it is a good idea to dress her up.
Earlier this week the twins took a bath and when they were done they left the water in the tub and I guess I forgot to empty it after I dresses the whole gaggle of kiddos so about 30 minutes later Cami wandered back in the bathroom for a second swim. could you not love a ratbird like Crazy Cams.

On a side note: You know how hard wet jeans are to take off, well compound that with a diaper that has swollen to 10x its normal size and the effects are high obnoxious for mommies trying to change soaking children.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree '11

Thanks to extended family our Christmas was VERY bountiful!
Santa also left his haul behind, Phoebe got a Mulan Doll, Cami & Josh got a Work Bench, & Sophie got Formula (her favorite!) Each of the kiddos & parents also got a movie in their stocking along with other small trinkets.
We always start the morning by gathering on our bed for a special prayer then going down to the tree together.
Everyone was a bit overwhelmed with so MANY presents. Phoebe was the first to open a present and in Josh's opinion she took too long so he had a seat to wait on one of Cami's gift, luckily it was nothing breakable.
This was one of the first years the twin got into opening their own gifts. They still required a little help, but they at least didn't make us do all the work.
The last present we got to enjoy was a Sophie in the box, definitely my most worth wile one yet.

For Christmas this year we go Josh his first train set and he LOVED it. He carries them all over the house, and pushes them in his baby stroller saying choo-choo.  He even shares his precious trains with Sophie, which she likes because they are small enough for her to hold.
For Christmas breakfast I splurged on the diet and made GIANT cinnamon rolls (one rolls take up a whole  8in cake pan) and they were delicious!
For the rest of Christmas day we went to church and then took naps/cooked dinner.  For dinner this year I broke out of the traditional ham routine and made an awesome roast beast with the other normal Christ mas sides.
After dinner we played with toys and relaxed. Christmas this year wasn't the jolliest in the Fergy home, patience was in low supply while fits were in a bountifulness, so in an eagerness to have better (normal) days ahead of us Christmas was taken down by Monday afternoon. Lets hope our Christmas' only get Merrier from here!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Every year I always say I am not leaving any sewing projects to the last minute and then EVERY year I find myself once again procrastinating on something and frantically sewing up until Christmas again. This year it was these cutie owls for other family member (In case you can't tell we have the wise owl, handyman owl, marathon owl, princess owl, astronaut owl & fireman owl).
On Christmas Eve our family follows the Potts family tradition of an Italian dinner which always is lasagna, bread, salad & italian sodas (I added the sodas to the menu beginning last year).
After our dinner we decorated our gingerbread cookies to enjoy as dessert and to leave out for Santa.  I was really impressed with Phoebe's decorating skills this year she did a Gingerbread cookie with a face and even added long hair she you know it was a girl.  Right after the picture however she dumped a ton of red sugar all over the face, Cory and I joked that maybe her gingerbread girl made the mistake of waking one of Phoebe's horror film elves...
After all messes were done being made we opened our traditional Christmas eve pjs in a pail (well I just added the pail part this year, something I have wanted to do for a while now).
After donning our new duds we read the scriptures & reenacted the story of Christ's birth with our Little People toy set.  As you can see by Phoebe's expression she LOVED this and kept asking to do it again. 
Our last bit of business for the night was to spread our reindeer food out in the front yard. This was the twins first year doing this and they got into it throwing spreading it everywhere.
Afterwards we tucked all in, read The Night Before Christmas and began cooking for our bountiful breakfast for Christmas.

Checkin' Up on Santa's Elves 2011

Once again this year we started our Christmas Eve celebrations off with a trip to see Santa's Elves at Gardner Village where I also found this random bathtub show just siting behind one of the stores and just had to get in it to quickly freshen up.
We then moved on to visit the rest of Santa's Elves busily working to finish all the gifts in time for Christmas. We also got a peek at Santa's naughty and Nice list and found Sophie's name... unfortunately she was on the Naughty list, something we could have predicted, we ALWAYS get the naughty ones.
The day before we visited the Elves I told Phoebe we would be going and she told me that we must be very quiet, because there will be sleeping elves.  I said "What will they do if you wake them, bite you finger?" Phoebe quickly corrected me, "No they will eat your face off."  I don't know what kind or horror Christmas fantasy she thinks we celebrate , but I corrected her that elves are nice and don't do naughty things like that.
After safely making it past the sleeping elf I saw a Christmas apron I liked, when I went to look for eh price i only found this tag for $190...that has to be mis-marked.
We then quickly moved on where I was able to snap a picture of Phoebe standing by these statue carolers, she looks just like another crazy dresses caroling statue.
At the end I found some mistletoe I just had to take advantage off while Phoebe INSISTED she stand between us while we kissed. Oh and for good measure we had to just take a picture of Aunt Ashley & Uncle Luis who joined us once again on our elf spoting adventures.