Monday, February 2, 2009

Hygiene is the Name of the Game

Phoebe was siting on our counter as I was curling her hair when I thought she was playing in the water I didn't notice that she got a hold of Daddy's toothbrush. She then, when I was putting the hot iron out of reach, scooted her little body into the sink as it was a little seat made just for her. She loved the mintiness of toothpaste and would eat it straight, if we didn't stop her.
As she had already defiled the brush, we continued to let her play with it, it is one of her favorite toys now.

The Many Faces of Phoebe

Does she remind you of anyone???
She even had the ideal blond hair and blue eyes.
So she has this sill purple boa she stole from our neighbors house and feather are constantly shedding on it and this one stuck to her nose. It didn't seem to bother her, she went around the house the whole night like that.

Okay sue us, our favorite food group is Dark Chocolate Mint Ice cream.
I always get free ice cream from cold stone on my B-day and this year I used my coupon for a lunch date with Phoebs. She has always loved chocolate and ice cream and the two together is creation only God could have made himself.

Party, Party, Party in the Fergy Home

Opposed to the look on this wee ones face we were really happy and excited about a couple things last week.

Exciting Event #1:
Cory was made an Associate Architect in his office- PGAW Architects. This came with a pay raise and the promise that when the economy picks up, he will be made a jr partner (more money, a car, & ownership of part of the company). We are thrilled to have him finally graduate from a draftsman to Associate Architect. To celebrate this, his office took some pictures of Cory in a suite and are posting them along with his other accomplishments one of which is his LEED AP Cedidation- meaning he's certified to build Eco Friendly, which already landed the company 2 buildings. I will let you all know when to look for him in the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune & The Enterprise. It will be in the section: People on the Move.

Exciting Event #2:
Last Monday was my birthday, yes I am actually old! We started off the day with Phoebe's gifts to mommy. She brought me two pads. They were my brand and everything. Yes my drawer with all my girly stuff is her favorite play area, she is always in there and she must have stolen some out to give me as a present.

Cory gave me movies and clothes, my 2 other favorite gifts besides pads.

My Parents gave me clothes, including the green scarf you see on Phoebe, she claimed this the second she saw it! They also gave be a large multi use bag which we used to stuff Phoebs in. I think they had my sewing machine in mind when they bought it, but oh well it's mine now and I can use it to carry my child in like she was a small dog if I want to.
Overall my b-day was a great, a non-stop party fest as demonstarted below:
Note Phoebe's Gift in her little hands