Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Postie Here a Postie There

Cinderelly, Cinderelly night and day it's Cinderelly, "Make the fire, fix the breakfast, Wash the dishes, do the mopping, And the sweeping and the dusting..."
Here is my personal Cinderelly with curlers in her hair sweeping our bathroom floor.

I am such a slave driver I wore the poor thing right out.

Here she is ready for the ball...well not really. I was the only person who unfortunately got to view these cute curls in her hair as we sat outside grandmas locked house on the grass. They only lasted until 12, or in other words about 1 hr, then the magic wore off and the curls fell out again and she was just normal Cinderelly.

Gateway Discovery

Last week Charisse, Amber & I took advantage of 2for1 admission at Discovery Zone and took our wee ones. This is a fun little play place with lots to do. Phoebe quickly found this police car and put dibs on it. She ever wanted to get out of it and if any other child did get in it she was right there to remind them it was her car. On the Second level they had a little theater where Phoebs dressed up as a wild thing, not a far stretch for her. She also got the opportunity to fly a life flight helicopter. She discovered however, she has a bit of growing to do until she can sit in the seat and touch the controls at the same time.

Mary Mary Quiet Contrary how does your garden grow...
Lately, as I have begun to blossom, we shall say, Phoebs has taken on her roll with helping me out around the home. Here she is "helping" me water the back yard. Her help is truly invaluable! Without Phoebe's fine help, I could only water the yard in 1/2 the time it takes or her to drown each and every plant.