Thursday, November 4, 2010


I can't believe it as of Oct.22nd my baby twiners are 1 yr old.
1 Year Stats:
Camille Cossette: 
Height- 30 in (75% for girls)
Weight- 20.7 lbs (30% for girls)
Joshua David:
Height: 30 1/4 in (50 % for boys)
Weight- 21.45 lbs (25% for boys)

And because I know inquiring minds want to know...
3 Year Stats:
Phoebe Elizabeth: 
Height- 33 in ( 0% not on charts)
Weight - 21.3 lbs (0% not on charts)

This last month Josh became proficient on stairs and no longer army crawls. Cami cut her 7 tooth and both are starting to walk round while holding on to furniture. Cami still rarely sleeps trough the night.

St. George Getaway

A couple weeks ago the Fergy Family took our annual vacation with Grandma & pa Potts. This year we choose to spend a week in St. George, someplace that neither of our families had ever really been to before & inspite of how thrilled Cami appears to be we were all looking forward to fun family trip.
Most of the time was just spent relaxing, playing & shopping; my kind of vacation. One day however we all ventured out in Grandpa Potts' motor home to visit Zions for the day. It was the most perfect day with the temp about 75.
The kids had fun looking at the beautiful canyon from the fun shuttle bus, where they didn't have to be strapped down. At one point we got out and took on of the easiest strolls offered in th park. It was only suppose to take 1 hr in and back, but at our slow pace it took multiple hrs. We had to stop and admire every deer and squirrel on the path and hear several times from Phoebe how squirrel will bite your finger. Zions had several posters around telling how we should not feed the wild life and how a squirrels attacked some persons hand and they had to get 13 stitches.
Phoebe LOVED spending so much time with Grandma & pa Potts. She talks everyday about how she wants to go to grandpa Potts house and swim and play with the doggies.
All along the trail everyone had hiking sticks so towards the end Phoebe decided she needed one so she she picked up her massive twig and hiked with it. Unfortunately,  it got lost when I threw it out of the window of the shuttle one the way back down the canyon, she was a bit too scary for my likings with that hiking twig.
One the way home the tree kiddos had so much fun laughing and playing tug o war with Phoebe's beloved feather boa. On a side note, when we left St. George there were tons of pink feathers all over the condo so I picked them up into one giant pile for the garbage so the house keeping staff wouldn't wonder what kind of freaky things we were into with pink feathers everywhere.
On one of the last days of our vacation we celebrated the twins first birthday. As is appent in the pictures the twins were super excited about it. We started our celebrations with Birthday Fruit Loops, which they love then Phoebe went over and showed them how to open all their presents.
After presents and naps the twins got all dolled up in their birthday outfits and played with all their cute new toys. For dinner we had yummy Pizza Hut and then we ate the Birthday cake that Phoebe and grandma had made earlier in the day.
I promise the twins did had fun on their birthday despite of how they always appear in all of the pics. After we finished making a mess with the birthday cake the twiners donned on their new skeleton glow in the dark pjs and they were ready for bed. These pjs also doubled for their Halloween costumes later.
The next day we packed up and headed home. It had been a crazy week and he kids worn out & ready to finally sleep in their own beds again as was I.
We had a great trip though and I loved just spending time kicking back with no real scheauls to keep. Thanks for the great time Grandpa&ma Potts & we can't wait to see ya gain in early May!!!