Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Outfits

Last Sunday we decided since Easter falls this year on General Conference weekend (aka no church) we would dawn on our new Easter cloths a week early.  I was super happy to see that I picked what was apparently the IN color of the season, when in reality I just looked in my fabric box for what scrap of fabric I had enough to make two little dresses out of and it happened to be purple.  The way Phoebe is siting expressionless in this picture, it reminds me of one of those formal somber wealthy family photos.
Here are the wee ones all matching for the holiday. I was nearly jumping up and down when I found a purple shirt and tie for Josh to match his sisters.  On a humorous side note someone at church actually told me she thought Cami looked "ridiculous & stupid" in her big flower hair bow.  I gave the lady a bit of  and didn't say anything in return because another lady was holding Cami in church and I don't think she recognized that it was my baby girl she was pointing and talking to me about. Oh well, I thought she looked stinkin' cute.
Here is uncle Davey posing Josh is a ridiculous pose.  Luckily Josh is secure enough in his manhood to go with the flow.

Easter Time Fun

Phoebe is finally old enough to get the concept of an easter egg hunt o it was really fub to have a neighborhood Easter party where each child got to go hunt out a dozen eggs for their own, as you can see it wasn't very difficult to find them all.
Every Easter the Fergy's all get together and make homemade Easter candy, this year however it was just decorating rice krispy bars which was really enjoyable because it was so much more kid friendly.  I couldn't really get Phoebe to do much decorating, she just mainly wanted to eat all the sprinkles right out from her bowl and show everyone her "cute dress."  I am surprised that Phoebs didn't even try the chocolate her favorite food group, but I guess it just coincides with her EXTRA EXTRA no mess phase (ex. we had MacDonald's on Sat and she had to wipe her hands clean after almost every fry.)
As you can see cousin Zack got into the chocolate enough for both Phoebe & Zack.  For some reason Cami had a grumpy face for most of the activity.  I was trying to get a picture of her furrowed brow and pouty lip, but this is as close as I got to a good picture of it.  Josh as always was his happy self especially after I gave him a treat to lick.

Sew Determined: March Edition

March's sewing endeavor took me to the edge of my sewing talents.  I chose a simple dress pattern with lots of picture helps for the girls dress patterns.  The first dress I made was Phoebe's (on the right) it went smoothly even though it has a zigzag stitch.  For some reason I was afraid to do this part, I think it was because I was nervous that if I changed any sets on my sewing machine I would never get it to work gain, but it turned out if was SUPER simple to go between stitches. On Cami's dress I think I was over confident in my sewing skills and I messed up both sleeves by sewing them upside down or backwards, etc... all I know that is I probably added 2 hrs on to this dress trying to pick out 9000 stitched I kept doing wrong.  This is luckily a VERY forgiving dress.
To get a bit more practice I decided to sew some spring dresses for our neighbor girls.  I was refreshing to sew these because they went so smoothly and I really started to get good on a more uniform zig zag stitch.  I cut and put together both the red dresses in 4 hrs, where the purple dresses took about 2x as long. 
So look I not only did one sewing project, I did FOUR.
But wait that's not it!  For a bonus sewing project I made book covers from scratch.  One of Phoebe's Easter gifts is her first set of scriptures & case.  I know she is too young for them, but when I taught nursery there was a little boy who always brought in his scriptures and case every week and it was really cute.