Thursday, February 2, 2012

My 20-12 Birthday!

As of one week ago I officially turned 20-12 (aka 32). I can't say this was anything too traumatic for me because many time last year I thought I already was 32...AHHH my mind is going!  The morning started as  Cory & I got us early to to get ready before kiddos were up as we always do.  It was shortly after that all came running in to help me with all my loot.  Josh, Cami, & Phoebe helped me with all the pesky wrapping paper and tape while Sophie was in charge of bows.
I got tons of goodies as I always do including some very much needed items like new skirts, makeup and new paper cutter. Cami was quick to grab some of my new makeup cases and begin talking on it like a phone...what a nut.
Phoebe drew a rainbow on the shower wall for me and was eager to show me it was my birthday present from her which also came with a big hug and Happy Birthday kiss, she always knows just what I wanted the most!  Cami's gift to me was clean hair after it took 3 days and a million baths and washings to get the Vaseline that she rubbed in her hair out. Josh's gift was to smear his legs & arms completely in butt paste. YEAH ME!Luckily it was much easier to was off than Cami's hair.
For dinner we have my choice of hamburgers with homemade fries, simple, but pretty darn good!
For dessert Cory surprised me with Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes, this year we only got 7 and not 13 a much more manageable amount!
Sophie was in particular excited about this peach cobbler cupcake which was the one I choose to divulge in.  It was AMAZING even if it did have a bit too much frosting!
I love my birthday, I always have & probably always will. I love that it is my special day and a million people wish you happy birthday even if they don't talk to you another time of the year.