Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Date Night: Phoebs Edition

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Last week for a special date I took Phoebe out shopping with me to pick out a first day of school outfit.  She didn't really seem into that  so much as I was, but one thing she was really into was the TCBY we we got afterwards.  She LOVED the idea that I let her pick out her own "ice cream" (technically it is frozen yogurt, but she had a fit if I called it that) and then she got to pick all of her own topping to.
 It was a perfect night to sit outside an have a great treat with my big girl Phoebs, we need to do this more often!

So My Kids Like Powder Sugar

A couple of weeks ago I cam down stirs to Cami eating spoon fulls of powered sugar off the floor so I decided it was time we do something to prevent this mess from happening again.
Hints our not so hand child door lock on the pantry.
This morning I, however, learned a valuable lesson...locks do no good when the powered sugar is left out on the counter.
This was a HUGE mess and to help me out as I was vacuuming it up Josh got out of my way and sat on the couch so then the couch.  Thanks Josh for spreading the sugary wealth now on to the couch.
Poor Cami was feeling left out since she was upstairs with me and not making the mess so she waited after I swept up the mess in the trash can and decided to resurrect the mess by dumping out the trash can on the floor. Thanks a lot Cams.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Didn't See This Coming

In the last couple of weeks we have been totally shocked as Cami seemingly overnight had entered her Princess phase. One day she was our tom boy who didn't like dresses, because she couldn't climb in them to randomly the next day seeking out her sisters dress-up skirts, necklaces and crowns and dressing herself up all by herself. I can't believe our little dirty rag-e-muffin twin is now going to be Princess rag-e-miffin we didn't see this coming!

2 Buck Tuesday (Year 3)

This year we only chose to go to the farm at our annual 2 Buck Tuesday Homage. It was just too hot to wander the full gardens this year.  The twins were a bit unsure of all the farm animals, Cami  was especially siddish of a cow that kept  wanting to smell and lick too closely to her.
Phoebe of course had no reservations when it comes to animals, she reached right out to pet all the animals. We kept having to remind her that some of the animals were look only animals so she couldn't reach her little fingers in.
Every year we once again realize wheat a great asset a little jail would be in our home for when we all need a little break from one another.
I think it's funny how ducks, one of the most common non petting zoo animals yet seems to entertain my children the most. They stood on the little bridge so long looking at the ducks that we eventually had to just drag them away. I guess we are instilling the Duck love in them well, only 15+ years till UofO will be lucky have 4 more Fergy attendees.
 We really liked this red headed goat, it had the identical color hair as Josh & Cami.
We even got to see a real live UniHorn; look closely and you will see the real live mythical creature too.
After all were done looking at the animals we took Phoebe for he most favorite part, the pony ride. The twins were too young for it, but they didn't mind too much 'cuse I just set them in the stroller and feed them Red Vines while they watched Phoebs. Phoebe was so proud to be able for the first time to ride the pony all by herself without her dad walking along at her side.
On the way out we took a Fergy group pic one the cute cow bench. Sophie was melting in the 90+ degree day.
And as always we had to get on the farm scale for our annual weigh in. My scale is reading 200 lbs...what can I say, it's all Sophie.

We've Got Butterflies...

One afternoon last month while we were playing outside a pretty little butterfly came over and landed on our butterfly bush.
All the kids were really amused and amazed by this.  They watched this little butterfly fly around all over the flowers for over 20 minutes, which is really saying something, because my kids have the attention span of a gnat.
All he kids got their pictures taken next to the little butterfly.
Since learning that butterflies "eat" flowers Phoebe has to recite this fact to me constantly, so proudly that she learned something new.

Win or Lose Just Happy it Ended! (Annual Bees Game)

In August we finally got around to having our annual Fergy Night out at the Bees Game.  We chose a night that they were having fireworks, but unfortunately that makes for a VERY late & long night at the game.
Everyone did pretty well at the game especially our wee Sophie who ate and slept the whole night away.
The twins were a bit restless and we must have ran a bout a mile trying to chase them back down after their bi-minutely run-offs.  Here is this pic Josh is siting next to uncle Dennis at the table like a big boy; unfortunately right after this pic he fell face first off this bench and messed up his pretty little mug for the next week.
In site of the strange music they played this time the fireworks were wonderful. It was nice to see a good fireworks show after the dud show we got to see from our car on the Fourth of July.
After the game Phoebe got to have one of her very first sleepover every with Aunt Megan & uncle Blake.  She had tons of fun and talked about it non stop when she came home the next day.  Sophie also tried to sneak off with Megan but, but luckily for us we saw her mischievous doings and took her  home with us.
We had fun at the NEVER-ENDING baseball game, but we definitely have had our fix for AT LEAST another year for maybe even two, it depends how quickly we forget how about all the chasing down of children we really had to do.