Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Misc Fergy Findings

The weather here can't make up it's mind if it is winter or summer still so we have had to enjoy the couple of days of sun when we get them. We have gotten to enjoy outdoor picnics and LOTS, LOTS of time in our tiny sand box.
When the weather is colder we have had to make our own fun indoors with treats, movies, and just pain silliness.  Cami and Josh love playing with Phoebe's headbands toys and markers, which leads to a few strifes between them, but family doesn't have those. 
We have also gotten to enjoy lots of warm yummy cookies when we eat all of our dinner. This is due to a new SLC discover, The Cookie Tree.  This is a cookie factory that sells their seconds of frozen cookie dough really cheaply & they are so delicious I may never have to make my own substandard cookies ever again!
Lastly, if you have visited our house lately you might have noticed that all of the kitchen table chairs are always laying down.  This is not done just because they were knocked down and never picked up, it is because our 1 yr old twiners are avid climber and often use the chairs to climb up and stand on the kitchen table. It was only a matter of time until our climbers then figured out how to climb all the way up on the top bunk bed.
 Unfortunately, Josh figured out how to climb up the ladder, but could not figure out the climbing down concept.  Last week we heard a couple of loud thunks and then lots of crying, it didn't take long to figure out what was happening.  Phoebe, in an effort to prevent Josh from climbing up her ladder was pulling Josh off her ladder by pulling him down by his legs.  After a talking to her about lettering us take care of Josh and us having to come in and take Josh down 6x in 30 minutes we decided it was time to have 2 twins bed and not a bunk bed.  This unfortunately has made their room really crowded, but it is better than stitches or a broken leg by falling off the bunk.

Cory's Date Night

May's date night was one of Cory's four date months and he came up with the theme of European Romance. We tried to keep this month simple because we didn't know how it would work with a new babe. Cory made a GREAT date night, even if we did end up having a date crasher in tow. We put most of the kids to bed then got Cory's Easter Bunny movie The Tourist and watched it  while enjoying yummy European treats: Sparkling cider, grapes, Baby Belle cheese, french bread with oil & vinegar, & Swiss chocolates. This date night was a lot of fun, even if both of us fell asleep on the couch long before the movie ended.

Adjusting to the Fergy Six

We are slowly all getting use to life as the Fergy six.  The twins are mostly just filled with curiosity and love for their new baby sister.  They are often found peering into her crib for peeks at her and giving 9 thousand little kisses  to her a day.
Even though it is mostly Mommy and Daddy getting up for the middle of the night feedings, the kids have taken on some sympathy tiredness for us. They are all energy one minute and sound asleep on the floor, bed or wherever the next. We even got word that Josh fell asleep in nursery for 20 minutes last Sunday. Poor kids are having a rough adjustment from two to one nap a day.
Phoebe has become quiet the little helper and mini mom for baby Sophie. She constantly asks to hold and feed baby Sophie & tells me when she is crying (as if I didn't already know). She also is really adamant about everyone calling her BABY Sophie and not just Sophie for some reason.
Besides a bit of sleepiness we are all doing well here in the Fergy house with our newest Baby Sophie.