Sunday, June 20, 2010

Party, Party, Party pt.1

A couple weeks ago my Sister-in-Law Ashley threw a party for her hubby Luis.  Everyone was there to clebrate.  We started a grandma's the festivies off with a pinata at granma Fergy's home. 
Everyone over 1yr old got a turn at swinging at the pinata.  Phoebe, unlike the rest of the kiddos,  didn't really understand or care for it much.
Phoebe also was slow on the concept that candy was in the pinata so she only ended up with a small handful of it after all the cusions beat her to the punch.
After all the pinata fun we headed over to Ashley & Luis' apartment to play in the pool.  This was Josh & Cam's first time swimming.  Cami took after Phoebe and is a natural water bug.  Josh, however, hated the water and just cried. 
This picture is actually from the next week and this time we eased Josh more into the experience and he did much better.
After the long weekend of partying hard it wore everyone right out.  Cami couldn't even make it to her crib, she just crashed where her changed her diaper.