Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Know, We Were Shocked Too!

As Phoebe is just barely 2 yrs old and was formerly an only child, it has taken some time for her to come around to having twin siblings invading her space and taking up her time with mom & dad. We had pretty much given up on the pictures of her holding and kissing them and decided on just being grateful she was no longer taking swings at them when our backs were turned. It thus completely shocked us last night when she requested that they sit in her lap. Here she is being the cute older sister we knew she could be.

Just Ducky

In the last month many of you have asked us how we are doing now that the twins have arrived and to you I reply, all of us here are just DUCKY!

Welcome Afton Marie

Last Sunday we were excited to welcome Fergy cousin #4 of 5, Afton Marie Ferguson. She was born Sunday morning (Nov.15th) weighing in at 7lbs 0oz and measuring 21 3/4in long. Here are a few pictures of our newest niece.