Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being Sick Ruins All Your Fun!

I know this was a while ago now, but right around Valentines day this year our clan was once again all struck down with colds which ruined all our fun plans, like missing grandma Fergy's annual V-day cookie party. To our suprise, however, she brought the party later to us!  That meant the kids got to have their fun decorating cookies, eating frosting & enjoying their special valentines treats from grandma!

Unfortunately, right when it seemed we were bouncing back and all getting better little miss Sophie finally surrendered to the evil illness, which in her case meant her first ear infection, her sentiments about that can been below.
Even though we were house bound for 3 wks and we were all starting to go crazy a blessing in white came falling from the sky and they LOVED going out to enjoys it! 
This is Phoebe's version of a snowman with no scarf or candy for a face.  Right now she is BIG into drawing smiley faces on EVERYTHING!