Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All Sorts of Halloween Fun

As always we like to get several uses out of our Halloween costumes. The first party we attended this year was our Fergy Family Party;this year it was at the Elwell home. All the families looked great including the Madsen Family which I missed getting a picture of. 
We did notice we had an awful lot of Frozen charters attend our party so we just had to capture a pic with all of them. To spice things up this year we also had pasta instead of our normal soup bar. After Dinner we had a costume & candy parade with all the kiddos, followed by a costume awards ceremony (yes, everyone won). We finished with root-beer floats which were delicious, but we lamented weren't our ideal treat because we were already frozen to the core due to the icy winds outside.
The second party we attended was our Ward's Trunk or Treat (pictured before things started so they were just waiting in the car). This event was PACKED and the kiddos were made out like true candy bandits!
On a side Halloween note this was the first year that we carved pumpkins and Phoebe loved it, the rest enjoyed it for 5 minutes then made me do the actual work of gutting and carving the pictures they picked out.
Josh- Oogy Boogy, Phoebe-Cat face, Sophie - Paint, Cami- Kitty
This was our night before Halloween dinner, mummy dogs and jellied brains.
On Halloween Morning we went for free kids scary face pancakes at IHOP, which is normally pretty fun but less fun when they don't nearly have the amount of help they need and we have a 45+minute wait.
After breakfast we went to Phoebe's school to see the costume parade, which I was thrilled she got to be in this year, last year she was off track during Halloween time. After school brought more adventures free cupcakes at IHOP, errands and a fun drop by at daddy's office.
For Halloween night we had our beloved traditional Chinese dinner takeout, then our for Trick or Treating. Phoebe was a Cheetah this year, Cami was a Pirate Princess, Josh was a fireman & Sophie was Olaf.
Phoebe had a class bear that she was supposed to take with her everywhere so it dressed up as a ladybug and luckily we had a matching backpack for it to go trick or treating in.
This was another great year for Halloween in the Fergy Home and I LOVED not making any of the costume this year!! Must remember to just buy everything again next year, WAY less stress!