Friday, October 29, 2010

Shutterfly to the Rescue AGAIN!

So my Sister-in-Law turned me on to a promotion Shutterfly is having for 50 free holiday cards.  All you need to do is follow this link  (the referral is Clever girls 1000) for more details. 

Shutterfly is one company I don't mind doing a promo for because they really are a great company.  They have great gifts at awesome deals and as a reward for their customers they even offer free items every once and a while. I have made several photo books with them and in fact next week I am really excited to be hosting a Shutterfly House Party! In the past I used Shutterfly to make the twins birth announcements & let me tell ya it's is hard to find twin photo birth announcements, but luckily Shutterfly had tons of options! More recently I made the twins first birthday invitations with the help of Shutterfly & they turned out WAY cute!I am excited to do my holiday cards this year because I know no matter how my family photo turns out, crazy or traditional and whether I choose to have one group shot or 5 individual photos Shutterfly has 100s of cute holiday designs to choose from.

Here are a couple of my favorites designs:

I think this is a beautiful card because it is a modern look on a traditional style. This card just feels like Christmas to me.
I also love this cute card! It is one that looks great with a color photo and let's face it I don't often do black & white pictures, however I doubt I would ever get all 3 of my wee ones to pose so nicely and while trying to be sure to put them on the left side of the shot.
Finally, I really like this card because I could take a color picture and I don't even have to worry about getting all the kids over to one side of the picture.  This is Chirtsmasy looking without being the norm & lets's face it, we all want our cards fun and unique.

Overall, I really like Shutterfly because I take my own pictures most of the time and I am no professional, but with all the tools and cute back grounds Shutterfly have to offer I can make any of my pics look great and keepsake worthy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Can't Believe She's 3!!!

I can't believe my little Phoebs is 3 already, well as of Oct 12th. We started her big day off, with of course opening her presents. It is fun to see her really get the concept of opening presents now and she either is really excited for the gift or she has no qualms about showing her unenthusiastic for certain gifts too, which was the case with a wooden puzzle I got her. She did love, however, the tutu & wings set along with her princess books and Princess Frog doll. At noon Grandma Fergy dropped by with a cute outfit for Phoebes and some spider decorated paper towels that were from her great aunt, after hearing how much Phoebe loves spiders right now. Funny thing, Phoebe  loved those spider paper towel as much as her new clothes, so much that when grandma told her to pose for a picture with her b-day gifts she only grabbed the paper towels and insisted on have her take a picture
Since Phoebe is really into fish I decided to make her little cake a fishy one. Along with it I gave her a self turning fish lamp I had as a little girl. She loved it SOO much she couldn't keep her little hands off of it, so it now lives up high.
After pizza and cake which she got to enjoy with one friend, Eva.  It was time to go visit the yucky spider down the street and then return home for bed.  She insisted on sleeping with Tiana and in fact that doll still rarely leaves her side.